Forex Trading Signal 06/26/08

Crazy Cat

Former FPA Special Consultant
Hi there my friend :)

Thank you for testing the other server yesterday. I got some interesting data and the website was working perfectly well on my computer all the time within a few hours after I sent emails. I am surprised some people had a problem to access the signal and it worries me a little. Either if you did not have any problem or you had a problem, please leave a feedback under this signal.

Let's first review what happened on Wednesday. Basically we got all the numbers close to expectations so we had no trades only. Nothing really to talk about.

Let's talk about Thursday then.

1. Thursday, June 26th, 2008 (8:30 a.m. New York Time) USA
At 8:30 a.m. we will have U.S. GDP Final and U.S. Initial Jobless Claims. I don't like to trade two reports but there is a way to trade it so I will be trading it. This is the final US GDP revision and the least likely to sway the markets. I would trade a 0.3 deviation looking for 40 pips on USD/JPY but most likely this is going to come out as expected. If the GDP comes out at 1.3% or higher, I would buy USD/JPY, and if it comes out at 0.7% or lower, I would sell USD/JPY. Because of possible conflicts with the Initial Jobless Claims, I would not use smaller triggers.

The way how I am going to trade two reports at the same time is I will set up +/- 0.1 triggers on the GDP and program "no trade" click to click on the U.S. Initial Jobless Claims report (and no clicks for buy and sell, of course). So, if it comes out as expected, then it will activate Initial Jobless Claims with the pre-programmed triggers so I would trade IJC only if the GDP comes out flat. For Initial Jobless Claims I would use 20K trigger either way. It is expected to come out at 375K. If it comes out at 395 K or higher, it would be BAD for the U.S. dollar, so I would *sell* USD/JPY and look for 30 pips price action. If it comes out at 355 K or lower, it would be GOOD for the U.S. dollar and I would *buy* USD/JPY and look for similar targets. For scalping 15K can be tradable with small spread but we will also have PCE report so scalping might not be the best idea. I will not be trading smaller triggers than 20.

2. Thursday, June 26th, 2008 (10:00 a.m. New York Time) USA
Then at 10:00 a.m. we will have US Existing Home Sales which is expected to come out at 4.96M. Quite honestly, home indicators are not the best to trade now so I would use rather more safe triggers here. 0.15 M trigger should move USD/JPT by 25-35 pips and I don't really trust this indicator to use smaller triggers. I know this is another report where I am not aggressive but we already had the best reports in this month. I would prefer to have a positive deviation because the market would appreciate it so if you really have to trade, you might try 0.1 M on positive deviation but USD/JPY will be moving very slowly so don't expect a spike where you can bank your pips. I will be trading 0.15M deviation so if it comes out at 5.11 M or higher, it would be good for the U.S. dollar and I would buy USD/JPY and expect about 25 pips move. If it comes out at 4.81M (or even better, 4.79M) or lower, I would sell USD/JPY and expect 25 pips move as well. Again, this is not a killer report.

3. Thursday, June 26th, 2008 (6:45 p.m. New York Time) USA
Then at 6:45 p.m. we will have New Zealand GDP q/q which is expected to come out at -0.3%. The problem is we will have a trade balance as well so this might screw up our trade. A 0.2 trigger should be enough to move NZD/USD by 35 pips. 0.1 trigger would be too risky because of possible conflict with the trade balance so it is out of question to trade such small trigger. Last quarter's 0.2 trigger made about 35 pips in 3 minutes, then retraced by 50% and then went higher so if there is no conflict with the trade balance, this might be a nice trade. Keep in mind that NZD has low liquidity so the spread might be very high, and do yourself a favor and do not trade this report with a high spread such as 20 pips. Also, make sure you get a signal on time too because sometimes the market moves before you get a signal on New Zealand reports. Assuming there is no major conflict with the trade balance, if it comes out at -0.1% (or even better, 0% or positive) I would buy NZD/USD and look for 35 pips price action. On the other hand, if it comes out at -0.5% or more negative, I would sell NZD/USD and look for 35 pips price action as well.

That's all for Thursday.

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Thank you very much and happy trading!

To our success!
--Crazy Cat


New Server

I found that it opened with no problems and quickly. Most of the time the original one is also ok but sometimes slow or need several times to access it.
thanks for all your efforts, very much appreciated.


Trial Website

I found that the website opened reasonably fast -- no problem. Also the page with the photos opened quickly as well.
Thanks for the work and service you guys are offering --


Hello, I found it loaded fast then blocked. I couldn't scroll. After a while it sorted itself out.

Thanks for everything,