(Andrea Salvatore)


I have set up a live account with the Crescendo EA.

You can review the results here:

Your link doesn't work, or at least it works but it's the wrong link.

But that doesn't matter to much. I just wanted to compare notes. I am using Crescendo
with a live account and it is going very well for me. However, I am running it at a very
much lower risk level to the default.

Using the Authors live account performance, where the growth factor has been about
148% in 8 months and three weeks, I expect to achieve about 60% in a similar period
of time.

I see Crescendo as a really good, safe addition to my portfolio of EA's and I'm using it
to boost the growth created by the other EA's

It will be very interesting to see how Version 1.3 turns out. The testing is looking very

All the best