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Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by mystikal, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. mystikal

    mystikal Sergeant

    Nov 30, 2007
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    Helloo Fellow Traders,
    I'm glad to be a part of this forum and hope to be part of its growth. The exposure of forexbrokers on this site couldnt have come at a better time. Many traders feel they have dont have a good strategy, not realizing that the dealers are working actively against the traders. Will be reviewing some simple and effective strategies that work profitably in the forexmarkets which is a synergy of both news and technical analysis trading.The '' Forex Chart Pattern Recognition Technique'' thread would be review mostly live trading, along with past trades to see how we apply the strategy.
    Happy Trading

    For more details,
    Contact Stallion- stalionstable@yahoo.com
  2. mystikal

    mystikal Sergeant

    Nov 30, 2007
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    Hello Forexgreenland Knights,
    Yesterday price on the GBPUSD hourly made a bounce downward to the 50% fibonnacci retracement and later moved upwards, which manifested a double top pattern. By positioning yourself to foresee these patterns, you can surf the waves at the right time.

    Chart GBPUSD, H1, 2014.10.29 08:46 UTC, OANDA DIVISION1, MetaTrader 4, Demo - MetaTrader Trading Platform Screenshots

    Today, on the 28th of October 2014, we are still observing the the cable which has its entry point @ 1.6155
    1st target @ 1.6115 (38.2%)
    2nd target @ 1.6095 (50.0%)
    3rd target @ 1.6075 (61.8%)
    stop loss @ 1.6180

    Chart GBPUSD, H1, 2014.10.29 08:51 UTC, OANDA DIVISION1, MetaTrader 4, Demo - MetaTrader Trading Platform Screenshots

    As I promised, my Current Book is out.. The Holy Grail and the Mystery of Christ on Kindle..
    You can still have a sneak peak from the sample excepts here;


    The Holy Grail and the Mystery of Christ (The Holy Grail Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Aghogho Puegeren, Abd-u- Rushin. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

    As usual, the press is out ... 3 days after my new book, Jesus is now a Philosopher!

    'Beardless Jesus' found in Spain

    BBC News - 'Beardless Jesus' found in Spain

    In the image, Jesus Christ is flanked by two apostles, believed to be Peter and Paul. "The scene takes place in the celestial orb, framed between two palm trees, which in Christian iconography represent immortality, the afterlife and heaven, among other things," ABC writes.

    El Mundo notes that Christ looks very different from later depictions: he has no beard, his hair is not too long and he is wearing a philosopher's toga.

    The world's scariest steps are not for the faint-hearted | Daily Mail Online



    guardian news How To Enhance Your Ethereal Image

    Meet Cecil Taylor, The Esoteric Pianist!

    SO, how does one refine his or her ethereal image? This week’s article takes us still to the pl…
    The ascent to the Luminous Heights where the Holy Grail , the Sacred Vessel of the Pure Love, Power and Wisdom of the Almighty is being potrayed by the Press as .....

    The curious title of my current book, The Holy Grail, would pique your interests and open your eyes to new revelations of truth that has been hidden for centuries from mankind.
    The Earth is drifting into a new circle and its birth pangs can be felt all around the world via unbridled corruption, wars, famines, plagues and pestilences, natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding, widespread fire outbreaks, and so forth in this 21st century.
    Have you ever taking the time to sit and think about the strange occurrences that are grabbing currencies in the consciousness of contemporary minds? Although these events have been predicted by the Lord Jesus Christ in His First Coming at the Mount of Olives over 2000 years ago, it is quite experiential when you are in the midst of it all and wondering why, what, how or when?
    The answer, my friend, is in the Holy Grail. Yes, the solution to the world’ ills, whether spiritual, physical, material, financial, intellectual, etc, could be traced to this phenomenon that spiritualists, religionists , even pagans term the Holy Grail.
    Open your mind as you read through this book, and soberly reflect on this information that has been granted unto you for the salvation of a dying world. It might be the most important information of your life, which have the potential to bring you boundless joy and eternal happiness, if you are willing to open your ears to the Truth.
    Till we meet again.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Author, Professor and Finisher of the Christine Faith,
    Aghogho Puegeren.
    God bless you




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