This is the best EA I've seen. It is NOT a martingale system as you do not double your position every time you lose. It is unwise to start using this EA with less than $5000 and even then you must always start with 0.01 lot so a micro account is necessary with your broker. You can limit the number of trades open at once but of course this limits your profits as well. Definitely needs management discipline!
I see a minimal amount of post for this ea despite having been monitored for a while. Please would someone share their experience with FPA for all to see. Backtest, Forward Test, live results? Anyone participating in the markets with this ea please share your thoughts and information. Are your results as good as what is shown in posted results? There are a few individuals who posted exitement, but no follow up.
It's a copy of an old "free" ea from 1997

While doing my diligence before buying, I read these forums, which I found very interesting. One of them is on the vendors myfxbook. Check both of them out before you buy this EA. The accounts that are being live traded are cent ($250.00) accounts not $25,000. Still a good EA if your into grid trading and the huge draw-down they are capable of. Good Luck!

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