(Andy Shumer)


Forex Outbreak

This EA does not work according to it's directions but through thorough testing I have come up with good settings that work very well. I have it running on my 2 live accounts and they make profit every month.

I use it on the 30 Minute time frame with a take profit of 18. I set the Use Hour Trade set to True and set the hours at 5 and 9 (my broker is +3 GMT). I set the risk at 15 and set the Max Trades at 2. I use the EURUSD.

I set a second Forex Outbreak on another EURUSD using the same settings as above but I set the hours at 15 and 19. Make sure you change the Magic number. That way it trades 2 time per day. This works great.

I use the Fores Outbreak Advanced on EURUSD, 30 min time frame with a 59 take profit and 225 stop loss. This works well too.

When I buy and EA I rarely use the settings as they say to use becasue they never work. I run literally hundreds of test on each EA to thoroughly see if it will work somehow. I usually return most EAs but this one is one that I kept because I made more profit with it the first month that it cost me.