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ForexTrendLineStrategy.com (Kelvin Lee)

Discussion in 'Trading Systems' started by Administrator, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Sep 24, 2007
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    Sep 26, 2018
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    Wished I'd found this site earlier. Signed up to his Binary Options course (as he offers a very compelling back-story and a $0 entry option - which he gets US$250 as an affiliate when you sign up using his recommended broker - this fact isn't disclosed in any of his marketing material - I asked in an email and that was his reply to me).

    Kelvin was communicating with me (answering my questions) until I started to conduct some due diligence on his trading history and his 5 strategies and pointed out issues I discovered - then he stopped responding to my emails.

    I was hopeful his strategies would pay off in the longer term - but after spending countless hours backtesting (2 years worth of data) and forward testing over a few weeks using a live account, I discovered his strategies cannot sustain a profitable position (even if you 'double-down' in a Martingale fashion as he does suggest in one or 2 older videos I found), and the (almost) daily reports that arrived via email (and are available on his website) only reflected cherry picked trades. Yes, he shows a few losing trades here and there to give you the sense that what he says is truthful, but I discovered with my testing he doesn't show all the losing trades, which would put his account into an unsustainable losing position.

    Suggest you avoid his Binary Options course/system (and Forex course judging by the comments in this blog - I never went on to do his forex course so cannot comment first hand).

    His websites are:

    Binary Options Mastery Course

    His strategies include KB5, KB1, Overlapping, 200 EB,
    Forex Street University Course

    His strategies include Break the Bands, Forex Piggyback, Forex Scalping, Forex Strategy Pro.

    YouTube Channel ("Currency K")
    If you've had a poor experience with Kelvin Lee aka ) then I suggest you down-vote his channel and videos so we can try and get rid of this clown.

    * I've mentioned his strategies by name so the search engines can (hopefully) find and index this post.

    This is the information I have from his website/emails/youtube info:

    Kun Hui (Kelvin Lee)
    Woodlands Post Office, PO Box 104
    Singapore 00 917307
    also kl@forextrainingclassroom.com

    I hope this post helps out others.

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