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Discuss ForexTurboDrive.com

General discussions of a financial company

I hope all is well. I've been beta testing Forex Turbo Drive on an FXDD Malta demo for the last 24 hours & within that time Forex Turbo Drive has opened about 100 units, had this been my live account I would have cleared $600.00 profit within a 24 hour period. The earlier versions I'm told had a few bugs however appears that the new version resolved many of the buggy issues of the earlier versions.

Forex Turbo Drive is simply amazing & I highly recommend this FX tool to anyone who is looking for a set & forget EA. This is the best EA currently on the market & that's the bottom line. I've been looking for an FX tool like this for the last 2 years of my trading life & now I have it thanks to the Forex Turbo Drive team.

I'm not a affiliate & I don't work for the Forex Turbo Drive team.

I've tested hundreds of EAs & this is the best thus far. I own thousands of indicators & nothing can touch the performance of Forex Turbo Drive. Please stop wasting your time with all the other scams on the market & give this EA a shot. The tech support is amazing as well.

Recommended pairs: I loaded two EURUSD Charts on the 5 MIN Time Frame//Default settings with the exception of - Lots & Max Lots.

According to the vendor the EA is not based on a martingale strategy. The vendors reply: - Martingales will double bet after every loss until they've achieved success. This robot doesn't do that!!! Hence that's why you have via the inputs tab a start lots & max lots setting.

Forex Turbo Drive gets a 5 star for performance & tech support

I'd recommend using wise money management with any EA.

I hope this post helps someone make a wise decision.https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

Kind regards,
Forex Technician
May the pips be with you...

A day and half of demo trading!!!

Detailed Trades Summary
Total trades: 119
Total trades with profit: 109
Total trades with loss: 10

Gain in money: $ 1099.58
Gain in percentage: (36.65%)

Gross Profit: $ 2444.30
Gross Loss: $ -1342.80

Largest Profit Trade: $ 485.00 (2010.08.12 on eurusd)
Largest Loss Trade: $ -225.00 (2010.08.11 on eurusd)

Average Profit Trade: $ 22.42
Average Loss Trade: $ -134.28

Max consecutive wins: 42 trades ($ 320.3)
Max consecutive losses: 2 trades ($ -231)
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