Hi Guys, just need more info about this, as I am IB for 5 years with FXGiants and had no issue. What exactly is FXGiants wrongdoings? I know they are sister company of IronFX but seems IronFX had abusers who destroyed them.. FXGiants i had no issue so just asking about details...thanks

Spam Cat wonders how you've been an IB of FxGiants for 5 years, since it hasn't existed that long. Spam Cat also wonders why you left a review claiming to be an IB from Beijing, when you are posting from Cyprus.

Then again, this wouldn't be the first time an IronFx employee spammed the FPA.



Spamming from the offices of IronFx and FxGiants.
i trade in fxgiants. this is a awsome experience.i have win 10 million dallors in this platform .the flatform can Instant execution without any slippage.this is a professional and good broker.

Spam Cat is disappointed, but not surprised to see one of this account's IPs is from the offices of Iron Fx and Fx Giants in Cyprus. Spam Cat has verified that Elaine has an email address at FxGiants.

Spam Cat will now make a big bowl of Elaine soup for dinner. NOM NOM NOM.


FXGiants Officer

FxGiants Representative
We would like to point out that neither the FXGiants Management, nor any of the department managers ever requested for any comments to be posted on any FPA forums by individuals purporting to be FXGiants clients.

Such actions go against the Company’s ethics and philosophy and indeed swift actions were taken against all individuals concerned, with formal warnings being issued. Additionally a memo was issued to all employees.

We would like to reiterate our commitment in servicing clients to the highest level and we welcome the opportunity to respond to all members of your forums that have a comment or a claim with regards to FXGiants.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity given to us to respond to your forum members.


FXGiants its just another name of IronFX. Be careful. Very big scam. No withdrawals at all. Change the name to scam people even more