The worst and slowest VPS service I have had.

Here is why you should not choose Fxsvps:
- Very slow vps service
- Charged me double 2 times
- Don’t want to refund at creditcard in double charge cases terminated my vps 2 times because of overload
- Charged my account 2 weeks before the period starts
- Don’t want to cancel vps service at next due date but want payment for an extra month which is against their cancelling policy.
- Don’t want to refund payment for an extra month
- Don’t expect any form of refunds especially not to your creditcard.
- Support some times dont answer

This is the worst VPS service I have used. I have at the moment 2 VPS services and they are both incredibly slow. I have now cancelled both VPS services and got a new VPS service at Contabo which is cheaper and really fast.

Fxsvps would not let me cancel my VPS to the next due data (as their policy says) but they have charge me for an extra month, that I can't get refunded.

I have had lots of problem with the VPS. I use it for Forex account, and I have both a Cheap Forex VPS and a Best Forex VPS but they can both only handle 1 or 2 accounts. Fxvps have terminated me 2 times because the CPU was overloaded.