GASO (specialized in Romance/Pig Slaughter scam and tracing crypto transactions)

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GASO - Global Anti-Scam Organization


GASO specializes in helping victims of a the Pig Slaughter/Pig Butchering/Pig On A Plate style of romance scam as well as similar scams that lure in victims only to financially slaughter them.

GASO's contact page includes links to social media, and email address, and (most importantly) a contact form that allows victims to share information critical to tracking this style of scammer. Here at the FPA, GASO is represented by FPA member The Punisher. You can also learn more about GASO and ask The Punisher more questions in THIS THREAD.

Let's take a look at that contact form. Go here:

and scroll down to where it says Your Basic Bio.


As with other online reports, giving contact info is a good thing. If they have questions or information to send to you, an anonymous report won't work very well.

Notice the part about not manually typing some info. If you are looking at the scam site, it's a lot easier to copy/paste than to type it. One tiny error will make it impossible for GASO to view the site (or correctly verify that it has been taken down). Wallet addresses are even more complex, and any error will either point to an invalid wallet or to a wallet belonging to someone not involved in the scam

Fill in as much info as you can, as accurately as you can. If there's more info than can fit, first submit the contact form, then use the email address near the top of the contact to send the additional information.

There are two other features of GASO.

First, they offer a free DIY guide for tracing cryptocurrency transactions:

Crypto tracking V2 - mapping of stolen funds to police report by Ildi

Second, they do have a paid service that can try to track down and recover crypto transactions. They have a team of crypto currency investigators and subscribe to some very expensive tracking tools.

You can read all the details and options about GASO's crypto tracking by Clicking Here.

No matter what, I strongly recommend reporting all details of any form of romance scam issue to GASO.

If you sent crypto to any scammer and can't get your money back, check out their DIY crypto tracking guide, report the issue to the US Secret Service (LINK), and you can also consider if GASO's paid tracking services for stolen crypto are a good fit for your needs.

If you have questions about GASO, there's a Live Chat link on every page in their site. You can also ask The Punisher here at the FPA.

I'd like to thank The Punisher for his very helpful input on this page.
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