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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I have withdrawals delayed since the 14/03/2018.
There are three withdrawals, in the total value of the 2407$.
In the contract they give a maximum term of seven working days, which term has expired days ago.
Support always responds with the same emails, automatic responses asking for patience that one day they will pay.
The last contacts I got only for facebook, because the emails were no longer answered.


Contract of GDMfx:

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by elpatron_rvw on 04/13/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 03/16/18 the last contact was on 04/12/18

Details: The support says they will pay, but they do not give a deadline.

Support also says they are having problems with their payment processors...

But I got in touch with both the neteller and the skrill, and reported that everything is fine with the GdmFx account.
Follow this answer:

And then they said again that there was problem with payment processors...

They also told another user that the day was already working normally the withdrawals, another lie.

Company representatives' emails: Official Support <>
Withdrawal Requests <>
Informations <>



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I'm skipping the usual procedure of notifying them and giving them a few days to answer. They just got a guilty vote, have another case up for a vote, and have 3 old cases which are now scheduled to go to a vote. The CEO has not been responding to me.

Your case is now moving to Open Cases. Please post an update immediately if any progress is made.

If no progress is made, this goes to a vote next week.
Hello guys,

After so much pressure in forums, contact with the FMA, contact with the police of cyber crimes of NZ...
This morning arrive good news here, they paid one of three loot, of course they paid the minor in the amount of 337.88$ (The withdrawal was of 347.88$, but there is a $ 10 fee per withdrawal, described in contract).



There are still two withdrawals, one of 1364.40$, and another of 694.80$.
Total amount of 2059.20$


They've got the rest of this week to send the other 2 withdrawals. If they do, it saves me the effort of starting a vote on your case.
With the payment from yesterday, they gave me some kind of hope.
I really hope that things will be resolved, and that I will receive the two withdrawals as soon as possible.
No news here today. have three other cases here for a vote. All of them have suffered the same injustice. I believe you have had some money paid out to try and stop the bad reputation they have built for themselves. All deposits into trading accounts get transferred straight to their personal accounts and remain as just a number in your trading account with them, it is no longer real money. Trades are manipulated so you mostly loose, usually until there is nothing left. If you ask for a payout then they will offer a thousand flimsy reasons why they can't pay. There are hundreds of these scamming websites out there - some have converted into Cryptocurrency scamming websites where they sell you crypto's for hard cash but you will never be able to cash them back again. This is just plain FRAUD and these bandits should be behind bars - steel bars!! GUILTY!!