i-Coin.io (Formerly LiveMarkets.io)


I-Coin (former LiveMarkets [and whatever crappy name it will hold afterwards to deceive people]) is very dangerous and criminal organisation ! ! ! I started with them in November 2019. Firstly I deposited 400€ and later on more, by persuading of the agent, total of 2500€. They gave me on top of it 2500€ bonus. (DO NOT ACCEPT EVER ANY BONUS-you would have to reach a turnover of 20000x2500=50 000 000).
Firstly I was trading (and scalping) with the agents/brokers.(According to them it is illegal.)They were saying buy/sell according to Bloomberg and opening and closing trades within/under 5 min.(At that time I didn't know what scalping even mean) When I started to trade on my own after some time I closed a few trades on my own under 5 min which they used for sending me a warning. I asked them wtf do they mean when brokers do the same with me?

After some time I got a second warning and then just after another mistake my account was blocked. They said I breached the conditions and that they will quit on me and close my account, offering me only 10% of my initial investment (250€=Innappropriate language removed that!). In the end they gave me my initial investment back but kept all the profit which I earned for themselves (5000 € ! ! !)

On top of it, while trading, the platform several times performed a trade under not re-freshed buy and sell buttons which resulted in immediate loss of half of the invested amount. This happened many times loosing me over 10000€. I asked for refund <= Innappropriate language removed!

Simply the company is registered in Commonwealth of Dominica and you will get *hit if you try to sue them as there is no law regulations above them ! ! !
As of now I only have the initial money back and rest of the money on the account was stolen and they run away with it ! ! ! The energy and time wasted is priceless and I hope I saved somebody's energy by this short resume.

1) If you read this before you enter: I seriously do not recommend!
2) If you have already entered, do not say anything about withdrawing all when reaching the turnover (if you accepted the bonus). They try whatever to prevent you from withdrawing!!! And record all your calls and do screenshots if anything goes wrong!
3) If you you are already in dispute with them and still can trade,do not close a single trade under 5 min (maybe those who are going in loss).
4) If you in dispute and and cannot trade due to blocked account, insist on the initial investment to be returned.
5) If they Innappropriate language removed with you and run away with all of your money... I am really sorry... !

If you have further questions and want some proof, email me at smartman@post.cz (had to change my original email as I signed some confidential poop about spreading this facts [obviously screw that] so no names).


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My mother is currently being scammed by this I-coin.io company she is a women who is not in her right mind and this company took full advantage of her vulnerability and took close to $100K from her I want to call the company out. They are a major scam who prey on anyone they can who is vulnerable she is going to lose her home they have taken everything after reading these reviews she probably won't be able to get her money back. I trusted my mother and she took cash advances on my credit card thinking she needed the money for something else not this!!!.My mistake for trusting her I should have inquired more. They manipulate people. If you are dealing with Lincoln Cole, Oliver, William Conrad they are scam artists!!! They should honestly be put away for a long time for scamming so many people why are these people not being arrested even in their home company. Disgusting individuals who should rot in bloody hell.