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Welcome to the "Forex Monitor: Divergence & Harmonic Trading" channel! We are passionate about financial markets and would like to share our knowledge and experience regarding trading in the Forex market, with a special focus on two key techniques: divergence and harmonic price patterns.
Forex Underground Terminal

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The terminal is divided into 4 sections
H1 for patterns and divergences from the H1 timeframe
H4 similarly D1 W1 also.

Each table refreshes in real time
Our servers constantly monitor the market

The tables provide data on harmonic patterns and divergences in text form

To possibly use these indications, you need to have your own system

The terminal does not show inputs, outputs or stops
Dpoint early warning of a possible change of direction, i.e. the occurrence of a harmonic pattern or divergence

This must be shown by the system

The terminal has an efficiency of nearly 70% - when combined with our trading system

To use the terminal, a system similar to the one used by SIve Morten, known from this forum, may be helpful. which we have been fans of for almost 10 years

The idea of the terminal is to take a broad look at the market in a holistic context, from small time frames to weekly ones.

Of course, we have various solutions and please contact us. But now we invite you to our channel to test the indications.

The main ones are d=0 and called D piont
and dtvergence

Every trader will quickly know what I mean, if there are any problems, please write and we will answer your questions

We also provide filtered inputs themselves
but for professional traders it is important to monitor the course of movements on pairs, which is why these indications are also there

If you need to separate the signal into several pairs of special configuration, please contact us
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