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Price is extreme for an unproven EA

The price is for a 6 months licence.

Who wants to be the first to lose their account


no clickbank=no refund

I demo'd the ea for a month. I trialled 6 of his sets. After 3 weeks it was down . I emailed mapdel, all they could suggest was that the gmt offset should be changed....but it still lost. after the 4th week I asked for a refund. No reply. I have stopped using it and cancelled the subscription. And kissed my money goodbye

If the account is still available, feel free to have a look.
I have given the investor password so that you can see which strategy lost what.....
p.s. if there are any trades after 9th april they would be bogus and could have been placed by anyone! a/c 90724459
p/w MapDel4x4x

and choose server Forex.comUK-Demo(R)

p.s. today, 15th april, I just tried to have a look at his website....and it is not there anymore. Scam/Scum
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