New Forex News Calendar and More Tools for Traders


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The FPA's Currency Strength Calculator was a very useful tool for some traders, but the programming team had some difficulties coming up with a graphical version. The FPA's Forex Calendar also was beginning to have issues with some of the other upgrades to the website.

This led to many debates about what to do. FPA members needed more and better tools to help them trade, but it would have taken too long to fix the existing problems. It would have taken longer to add more tools. Instead, a search was done of available tools on the web. After much debate and a number of tests that ran into dead ends, the decision was reached to use the tools from Dukascopy.

The plan is to leave the old Calendar running for a week or two so that members will have time to get used to the new one before the old one goes away.

Here are some quick descriptions of the new calendar and tools...

Forex Calendar:

The new Forex Calendar. All the financial and forex news events of the week in one convenient location. Click on the “Video Version” and there are some great videos to cover the weekly news, support & resistance, and so much more.

Forex TV covers critical forex news in a timely fashion.

Forex News has the absolute latest forex-related stories from Yahoo! News.

Currency Converter:

Planning to do some real-life foreign exchange before going on vacation. Make sure to visit the Currency Converter tool. The Major Currency Converter covers the most common options, but you can also use the Extended Currency Converter for those more exotic currencies.

Margin/Pip Calculator:

So, just how much is a pip worth? If it's a pair like EUR/USD or GBB/USD, it's easy. If it's the EUR/CHF, that gets a lot more complicated, unless you have the Pip Calculator.

Need some help calculating your margin? That's what the Margin and Pip Calculator tool can do for you.

There's also a Custom Forex Calculator tool for some of the more difficult forex math problems you'll encounter.

Currency Index:

The Graphical Currency Index is a better version of the FPA's older Currency Strength Calculator. This new one can show days, weeks, or months of relative currency strength in graphical form for 5 major currencies.

The Text Currency Index covers the percent gain or loss of value of 20 currency pairs for the last hour, day, week, and month.

Pivot Calculator:

The Simple Pivot Calculator shows the Pivot Levels of 16 different currency pairs. Not only is the more commonly calculated pivot level available, but also the Woodie pivot levels and Fib levels.

For the Custom Pivot Calculator, just enter the open, high, low, and close prices and all the levels will be calculated for you.

Interest and Liquidity:

The Interest Rates tool covers the current interest rates of 8 major currencies.

The Liquidity Index tool shows consumer sentiment on 7 currencies broken down as a percentage of buying vs. selling.


Master Sergeant
Nice job FPA

They all look really sharp and I think the new calendar is one of the best i have seen( I will no longer need the FxDaily Calendar by FXCM). Nice job!:)


Ok Im new to this,
so please Bear with me

is this the link to the new one ?

How do I learn how to read it all / Understand it
I guess you will give me a link (thank you in advance)

Oh I know this is not where I should post this but
I see you are tesing some EA but most only have a week or two on them
any where I can check for longer (I want to buy a good one) (is there one) (haha)
I have a Fabturbo & Forex maven (from ebay) Im a newbie (can U not tell)
Regards paul


New calendar looks nice but it seems like it does not have past time charts.
It, especially the charts of the past few months, really helped me how I should trade on news on the current market where news trading is difficult.
It would be no problem if you could leave the old calendar...
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PLEASE don't close OLD calendar !

Please don't close old calendar bacause it's the only reason you have anybody watching your site!
if you close old calendar with all market past data with charts displaying movement of market after reports are released = your site will be same as any other, why to look your site instead of watching original example: dukaskopy ?.

you will lose your advertisments sponsors etc.. because nobody will be watching your site!

if you have problems with too many data inside calendar just remove data from 2006-2008(july) that was "old market condition" and can be safetly removed without glooming currently market's condition.
Don't be same as others ! be FPA real FX HELP


Please don't CLOSE OLD callendar !!! new calendar don't display charts from reports and it's same as others site's sh its (it's from dukaskopy, why to visit your site without calendar ? it's better to view original site)
by removing old calendar = lose advertisment sponsors
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New And Old Calendar

The old calendar has a great feature, that is we can see the currency graphics of old releases and the values of the releases along years. This is a big help that I would not like to loose. So, even if you choose to keep the new calendar, please keep the information of historic releases and graphics. Best Regards.


Maybe I am using the new calendar incorrectly, but I can't see the any updates for the forecast and actual data associated with the events of the day. The data doesn't seem to be updated shortly after the event like with the old calendar. Is this a permanent feature, am I doing something wrong, or is it just not updating yet? And if it isn't when will this start to happen?


GMT time?

Can we change the default time for eastern time? It seems like it displays only GMT. I agree with someone above saying the history chart was great.



Can Forex Peace army team send us the right link to see there new calender? On calendar I enjoy using is Forex Factory because of there explanation in detail on the impact of each news. Take a look at it and tell me what you think