News Event Calendar?


It would be wonderful if we could compile a list of the most important news days for each currency. i am specifically interested in AUD, NZD, USD and GBP but it would be great for other currencies as well. What I mean by major news events is the 5 star news events listed here in FPA. Yes I know there is already a page that lists all events a week in advance, but I'm looking for something I can prorgram into my EA. For example, today I got blindsided by the NZD unemployment rate, which apparently is released on the first Wed of Feb, May, Aug and Nov of every year. I also know that the first Wed after the first Sat of every month is some other AUD big news event and I prevent my EA from trading that day.

So is there such a list of important news events, especially for the AUD and NZD, along with (VERY IMPORTANT) a simple set of rules as to when this report is released? (For example, the first Friday of each month or the first Wed of months Feb May Aug and Nov, etc)