New Forex Stuff Renko for NinjaTrader 8


Renko for NinjaTrader 8 (FREE TOOL)

This Renko enables various Renko types to be created and is essentially the only Renko bars that you will ever need.

The user has full control over the brick size, trend, and reversal open offsets. These settings will allow you to create all of the well-known Renko variants such as the Median, Turbo, Hybrid, Classic, PointO as well as any other Renko type chart you can think of.

Additionally, this Renko retains real market opening price and rounds its close to the nearest number to maintain a grid behavior, unlike other Renkos publicly available where all bricks are shifted based on the very first tick of the market which might differ from broker to broker.


nt_renko_hybrid-1000x640.png nt_renko_median-1000x640.png nt_renko_pointO-1000x640.png nt_renko_turbo-1000x640.png