in May I started talking with a Chinese girl ( Amee from HK) due to an app. we start communication via whatsapp and looks really gently

We have both in common with trading (so for these reasons I get scammed). she show me the trading earns that looks really generous and invite to use the account demo of RIM ( reset- Investment)

After that, she creates a group with another girl Named Bella, sending trading suggestions in the demo account. Both offer me to make an investment of 2000 USD. I used my credit card and sent the funds via Moonpay purchasing a cryptocurrency for the transfer. The funds appeared on the MT4 Reset invest account and I started to do trading. Also I invest another 3000 USD because trading shows good earnings and looks profitable. at this moment both were very gently

Looking information about the broker, Bella send me information about the safe of the funds with the following indication, because looks that I was concern about the broker NFA query link
ID is 0522507

This NFA licence corresponds to a broker in the USA, so they use information to scam people.

My account reached 20k USD and I proceeded with the withdrawal of 10k. The withdrawal request was approved after 8 days and the balance was deducted from the account. but after 3 weeks the money does not appear in my bank account. I sent another withdrawal request of 15k with a balance of 200kUSD in the account, and the withdrawal does not appear approved.

I send emails to support but nobody answers, any reply. I asked Bella about the payment status and replied that she will verify with customer support. but after a few days she did not reply to my message. Anyone who replies is a scam.

looking information Bella send me a information from


please be aware of following numbers +852 68 84 86 35 ( Amee)

Bella ( +852 5936 27 93