Ripped off by


I have been the victim of an online scam with a company called Tradersbo, They trade Binary Options.

I received an email from someone telling me that if I trade Binary Options with them that I could slowly make my money grow.
There are a lot of legitimate Binary options companies on the net so I looked at it to see how it works.
It seemed to be a big industry regulated by the FCA so I thought I would try it and see if I could make some money to help me get out of debt.

The company is TraderSBO - Smart Binary Options so I deposited £250 to open an account. Then someone phoned me from TraderSBO
to say that I could make much better profits if I invested a bit more.

He called himself James Gallant and talked about a long term portfolio which would grow my money steadily
and the first 10 trades were insured so I couldn’t lose any money. He was very convincing. So I stupidly deposited £750, then £1000 to make a total of £2000.

He said he was trading with my account and a few days later they deposited £230 into my trading account.

Then a guy named Robert Levine phoned me and said if I put in more money I could make bigger profits. I said I don’t have
any more money because I’m in debt and that’s why I’m trying to earn some extra money to pay off my credit cards.

He sounded upset and tried pressuring me but I refused to put in more.

Then I got worried and researched Tradersbo but didn’t find anything about them except that they started trading on January 15th which worried me.
One time when I phoned the company someone answered and accidentally said "Hello CVCoptions” and on they're website I found a link to CVCoptions
so I researched CVCoptions and found to my horror a lot of comments on the internet about how they had scammed and robbed people.
So obviously they changed the name but are the same den of thieves.

I went to my Tradersbo account and tried to withdraw my £2000 but it was refused. I tried again several times but it was always refused.
Then I Skype Texted Robert Levine because he wouldn’t take my phone calls any more, asking for my money to be put back on my card.

He keeps saying "we are trading with it and it cannot be returned", so I said I don’t want my money traded I want it returned to my card.
It’s my money if I want to withdraw it I should be allowed to. I asked several times and each time he makes an excuse. He won’t let me withdraw my money.
Now I can’t even get into my account and he doesn’t even reply to my Texts.

I just managed to get into my account and all my money has gone!!!!
I researched About THAT broker , and It Is Not Regulated , I find it difficult to recover the money now, if you deposited by credit card there is a chance to recover your money , please contact your bank, Deposit first small amounts of money , make a withdrawal to test the broker, If a stranger knock on your door and tell you to you deposit $ 2,000 in his bank account , you will call him crazy 'm sure of it , All brokers binary options are SCAMS , the best you can do is tell to your friends, relatives, internet, the world, about your case and help end with this binary option slag.
Get screenshots of everything, including your account balance, trading history, deposit history, and anything on the website that talks about withdrawals.

If it was by credit card, call your issuing bank and ask to speak to the fraud department. Carefully explain that the services a broker offers are deposit, trading, and withdrawal. Explain that you have the money in the account and the broker is ignoring withdrawal requests. Ask about a chargeback.

Once that's done, slap yourself for not checking the broker out before depositing money.