Russia plans own cryptocurrency, would ban bitcoin


Of course, it's funny why they need it at all, if there are now established crypto currencies that are in global demand. Will they sell this currency inside the country? And what has prevented them from using bitcoin is that electronic wallets using it are being launched all over the world, and they want to ban it just to be different. I don't get it...


Well, maybe it will work out, maybe not now, but at least in time, after all, who would have thought a few years ago that Bitcoin will become such an important asset for the world economy and how people who bought it for $300 will get rich. And if you think about it seriously, it could be a good business project. I hope that this is not done just to create a national crypto currency and through it to control the flow of citizens. So let's see, maybe it really makes sense.


Does this project have at least some future, it's ridiculous. This country has everything to develop successfully in many areas of the economy, and they have decided to do such nonsense and understandably will allocate a huge amount of investment for this, which in fact will not justify itself. I am amazed that they will not come up with anything to distract people from pressing problems and engage in frank nonsense.


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At the moment, Russia's position resembles that of a hesitant man who sees the benefits of the introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, but doesn't dare to take further steps to master them. Simply put, cryptocurrencies aren't currently regulated in the country, although parliamentarians have been discussing and finalizing the relevant legal framework for years. However, the situation is the same in most countries where the attitude towards the cryptocurrency market is more than wary.