Signals Review (Nov. 9 to Nov. 13) +58 pips

Felix Homogratus

Commander in Chief
Hi there :)

This is Felix, with the review of the week.

This week, we were watching 4 economic indicators. 1 of them hit the triggers that I sent to you. Let's review it...

1. Wed, Nov 11, 19:30 (Australian Employment) +58 pips (SUCCESS)

I wrote to you that if Australian Employment comes out at 4.9 or higher, AUD/USD will probably go up by 50 pips or more in the first 30 minutes of the report. The higher the number, the bigger the move. Well, Australian Employment came out at 24.5, and AUD/USD moved up by +58 pips. Please see for yourself on this chart: Forex news trading currency exchange charts

Obviously, it's easy to calculate these pips by looking at the charts after-the-fact. And obviously, it would be completely stupid of me to expect that you made exactly +58 pips. Most likely you made half of that or even less. Perhaps you even lost money. When it comes to placing trades in the real market, everything is completely different. These signals are just general expectations of what will happen, whether you can capitalize on them or not is another question. I traded these indicators for around 2 years, and I know it's not fact even with such seemingly crystal clear moves, it can be quite difficult to make money, because of extremely fast move and much bigger than normal broker spreads.

Have an awesome weekend, and wait for my signals next week
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Hi Felix,

Thanks again for the indicators and tips, a great help.

The slight money lost due to forgetting about my stops being much, much too close for news indicators is a small price for training, to learn to profit from indicators in the future.

Even though only one of the four hit the trigger, I was able to make a profit at the exact time of the German indicator. I believe that it caused movement that helped me to profit, not hugely, but some profit, even without hitting its trigger.

In the case of the AU that did hit its trigger, the change from nearly no movement to huge, huge movement seemed to happen in a second or less. Even though I looked at the AU statistics website the day before the indicator, I am not sure where the indicator was to be posted on the site, and even if I was sure, I would have to be constantly refreshing to see it at the second it was posted. And once I saw it, the move would be well under way by the time I could enter a trade, if I entered a trade even a second after seeing the posting.

So even though I have seen other comments asking for more help on finding the reports sooner, in the case of the AU this week, with what seems to be a second or less between posting and price surge, I don't know any other way to prepare for that other than to simply guesstimate the direction ahead of time, and have everything in place according to my guesstimate before the indicator is actually posted. So in the case of the AU report, and perhaps other indicators as well, I might not actually be looking for the indicator posting until after the move, just to compare it to the price move that happened.

I apologize if I'm missing anything quite clear hear, and hope not to be bothersome by typing about something I have nearly no experience with at this point.

Thanks for everything, much appreciated!


Hi Felix
Thank you for the signals , i am a newbie and i appreciate your signals By the way i got my 50 pips
Thank you again


Thanks and questions

I have never previously taken even a look at news releases, so this week I just watched. It seemed to me that if you had placed a trade in EITHER direction immediately before the news time, then you could have made quite a few pips in a few moments, if the anouncement was bad it dropped for sure, but shortly bounced even higher than it was before. Also, why did you recommend EUR/JPY rather than EUR/USD both pairs seemed to move much the same.
Either way a general purpose thank you.


big thank ,but still learning.

hi mr felix ,it wonderfull to have you be our leader ,somebody may decide not to follow you it does not contribute to our aim and objetive,however i follow you and i trade the spike but the problem i have is the widen of the spread when the news was releace expecially audusd the spread was increase to 35pips which i end up with just 5pips it not encouraging,i want to know howto get ride of that,but then sir keep on the good job .looking for a week ahead.but i m still learning thanks. :confused: ADEGBUYI


Thanks for your help Felix, I have been traiding part time for more than two years and I still dont get it. How is that people can make a living of Traiding? if one day you make money and the next day you lost it.


Much thanks


This call was awesome. Made a nice bit-o-change. Thanks for the info. Will be ready for the next round.

Thank you for taking the time to help us. ;)