Hemant sukhija

I want to kill innocent family members via a curse
Dear sir,,,,

Spartan has spoiled our life.we are in so much pain.we were living happily.... We were joined with 100 usd.... In starting they create their family atmosphere.... So we added 3000 usd in our account.... They gave us so much confidence about account.... Afterthat they started to talk much more amount to add.... We deny because we were not really amount in our pocket.... We alwyz told to them we dont need much profit... We are satisfied with little profit..... But they alwyz told if u not increase equity than we have to shift your account at another account manager....we told to close our account.... That time.....but next day they told to place 6 deals with higher volume i told that time also its too much no need but they told place it no problem.... These deals gone in negative so much.... I had to add amount for secure our account.... I added three times more amount in that account they alwyz told now your account is out of risk i borrowed all money i told them... They told dont take tension.... Your account is safe 100%
But i finally i lost all money...
Now they are not responding
I cursed them rishi parshuram and company owner..... But still there not aware...
But i am confident my curse will not fail...
They loose their family and own soon....

FPA Staff Note: Then you left a new review directly stating that your curse would cause the death of employees of this company and their family members.

Calling for the death of those who scammed you is bad enough. Any call for the death of innocent family members is unethical and evil. The FPA has zero tolerance for this behavior.

We hope no member of your family every makes anyone angry enough to curse your entire family. Imagine your entire family dying in front of you because one relative did something wrong.

We suggest you get psychological and religious counseling.

The FPA has no place for you. You have been banned.
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