Good introduction for Newbies

Teletrade in Germany are actually the ones who led me the way to Forex trading. By searching in the internet for seminars on trading I found their (german) website where they offer free introduction seminars in trading. So I just went there (Berlin office) and listened together with two or three other newbies to a Teletrade staff member who told us the basics of the Forex market, fundamental and technical analysis etc.
This were 5 evenings with 2 hours each, totally free of charge - which really was great! The staff guy was very friendly, could explain everything very well and answered all questions.
I became more curious and booked a personal training. This took 20 hours (5 days, each 4 hours), and the staff member teached me basic technical indicators, I practiced to draw trend lines and was told basic trading strategies (based on Moving Averages and candlesticks) - all on their MT4 platform (demo account). I think I paid about 100 € for that which is nothing!
After all I decided to trade via a different broker, but only because Teletrade has very high spreads (EUR/USD 5 pips) which is really just not competitive. But this is the only (and important) negative point I can mention.
Definitively I can recommend their introduction/training in Berlin for newbies!:D


Hi Guys, I had the worse most horrible experience with Teletrade, I am going to sue them.
I deposited 500,000$ from May and septembre 2017,
My balance became 465,000$
I withdraw all my money from them. they left me waiting 12 days. asking for source of funds, and paper from police that i am clean and have nothing bad.. ( BS )
so last day 17 january i tell them this is the worse broker and I hate all of this and I need my money urgently.

They revert back the money 465,000$ back to my account, ( without notifying me at all ) and they login my mt4 2 invalid attempts, and they change the password, after that they had access login ( only me know the password trust me ) so whoever did it in their company logs in, open 800 contracts of 20 lots USD/XAU and empties all my 465,000$ in 40 minutes...

They knew I was going to withdraw my money and never get back to them, so they opened that much positions just to win commission worth maybe 20,000$.
Can someone tell me how much does a broker get commission for a contract 20 lots size USD/Gold?

When I realize his the next day. I ask about it and sent many emails, they kept saying its weird we dont know what happened but dont worry we will find a way.
For a whole week they kept saying this.. and in the end they said sorry you are responsible, you gave somone your password and lost all your money we have nothign to do with this.

I am going to sue them this week in cyprus,
Any suggestions?

I have screenshots and all conversation saved, and how they lost all my money.

Basically they burned 465,274$ just to get whatever commission 15k$ or 20k$...

This is insane. I cant believe such company has Cysec license..

Please provide me with other great forums to spread the word about my experience with this mob scam.