New Forex Stuff Introducing TeleTrade Master: Transform Telegram Signals into MT5 Trades


Introducing TeleTrade Master: Transform Telegram Signals into MT5 Trades


Special Offer: $100 for Lifetime Access!

Dive into the world of automated trading with TeleTrade Master, your ultimate Expert Advisor (EA) for executing Forex and precious metals trades directly from Telegram signals. This guide is your key to unlocking a seamless trading experience on the MT5 platform.

️ Secure Your Setup with Essential Files ️Upon purchasing TeleTrade Master, you'll gain access to crucial Python scripts and other necessary files, all securely packed in a ZIP file. The comments section holds this treasure ️, waiting for you to unlock it with a password sent exclusively to our buyers. For a smooth setup finish, don't hesitate to message me directly to obtain your unique password.

Flexible Payment Options: Cryptocurrency & PayPal Accepted

Expertly Crafted EA for Precision Trading
TeleTrade Master stands out by converting intricate Telegram signals into actionable trade commands. Consider a signal like:

  • Sell Gold @2024-2028
  • ❌ SL: 2030
  • ✅ TP1: 2022.5
  • ✅ TP2: 2020
  • Approach with gradual entry and sound money management.
Such signals are meticulously processed into 'trade_signals.txt', ensuring clarity , avoiding duplicates, and enabling exact entries within specified price brackets. Our EA smartly calculates TP and SL in pips. Should your signals differ, our dedicated team is on standby to customize the "" script to your needs. Share your signal examples with us for a bespoke script adjustment service ️.

Features That Empower Your Trading

  • Versatility Across Timeframes: Trade on any timeframe, from 1 minute to 4 hours, to suit your trading style.
  • Adaptive Signal Processing: Prepares your trades by smartly parsing incoming signals, waiting for the right market conditions.
  • Candlestick Confirmation: Leverages HHHC and LLLC patterns for higher entry success rates.
  • ⚙️ Customizable Trading Parameters: Gives you control over lot size, SL/TP settings, and slippage according to your risk appetite.
Step-by-Step Setup Guide

  1. ️ Install Python and Dependencies: Start with Python installation from and add Python to PATH. Install the 'telethon' library via CMD with pip install telethon.
  2. Script Placement: Move "" and "" to MT5's 'Files' directory. Fill in your personal api_id, api_hash, and group_id in the scripts after obtaining them from
  3. Running the Scripts: Use CMD to navigate to your scripts' directory and run them to fetch your Telegram group ID and start signal listening.
  4. Phone Number Verification: A one-time verification using your phone number will be required to initiate the sessions.
  5. ⚙️ MT5 Configuration: Post-purchase, set up TeleTrade Master EA within MT5 with your preferred trading settings.
Final Steps and Support Ensure everything runs smoothly, from the Python script to the 'trade_signals.txt' updates. Our support team is at your disposal for any queries or setup assistance .

⚠️ Important Reminders ⚠️

  • Secure your session file.
  • Verification is a once-off process.
  • ️ Troubleshoot with our guidelines if needed.
By following this detailed guide, TeleTrade Master EA will be fully equipped to translate Telegram signals into trades on your MT5 platform. Start on a demo to test its prowess before going live.

Purchase Now for Lifetime Access at $100!
Payment Methods: Cryptocurrency & PayPal Accepted

Python scripts and additional files are locked in a ZIP file in the comments section, available post-purchase. Contact me directly for the password to complete your setup.