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Discuss TK-FX.com

General discussions of a financial company
"This EA has built-in safety system which will be triggered to bail the account out when hedging and martingaling to 1000-2000 pips without turning back or/and the account is about to lose 25% so as to prevent the account being blown up."

So how come their own live account has had a lot more drawdown than that here: Real Account-3(Nomal) System | Myfxbook
This customers use 2 ea at the same time .and it did not follow our requirements for the EAset !!
I bought this EA in January 2013 - First tried it on a $50 account ($5,000 USD cents) - account got blown. Next tried it on a $100 account ($10,000 USD cents) - account got blown again! I gave it one more last chance by using a $200 account (February 2013) and I am impressed! For Feb 2013 my return was 67% (AllInOne contributed 23%), for Mar 2013 the return was 41% (AllInOne contributed 36%) and for Apr 2013 it stands on 26% - other robot dropped from account. (Check out RobotsC on MyFxBook.com: https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/robotsc/529916)