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Discuss TradersWay.com

General discussions of a financial company
Low Spreads!

Our technical possibilities and access to liquidity allows us to establish minimum spreads for trading on any account. We understand the needs of traders and offer accounts with fixed spreads or with floating spreads. We know that everyone has his/her own preferences when it comes to the type of spread, and we allow you to make the choice.

Fixed spreads start at 2 pips while floating spreads can be even lower. Floating spreads reflect reality with a higher level of precision, whether the market is fluctuating wildly or not. Such accounts are just one step below professional ECN accounts. For more info, do check out www . tradersway . com

Spreads on our ECN accounts are amazingly small. On the most liquid currency pair – EUR/USD – they reach 0 pip! Spreads on metals, stock indexes, commodities also are minimal.
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Trader's Way - Tradersway.com, Trading with Trader's Way - Maximum Trading!

Trader’s Way, a prime on-line FOREX and CFD broker, was established with the principle mission - to provide traders with the widest opportunities available on financial markets. We’ve collected the best products, technologies and services, so that the needs of every trader are fully satisfied. Under one broker, without losing time, you can find everything to trade the way you like, without boundaries and limits.

We offer you the widest range of possibilities for trading:
• 3 trading platforms - MetaTrader 4, WebTrader, Mobile applications
• 4 account types - MICRO and ECN, Standard accounts with FIXed and VARiable spreads
• 5 markets - FOREX, Stock indices, Metals, Energies, Commodities

The best trading conditions possible:
• Minimum Deposit – only $1
• Maximum Leverage – 1:500
• Tight Spreads – from 0 pips
• Minimum Order Size – 0.1 MICRO Lot (100 units of base currency)

Other advantages:
• Islamic (swap-free) accounts
• Deposit/withdrawals - Wire Transfer, Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, Credit Cards
• Every client can be a PARTNER. Join our partnership program

High accuracy in prices, no restriction on trades, even on accounts with minimum deposits, and a wide choice of trading opportunities is the pillar of our business activity. It’s the beacon on our way to ensure our mission – to bring you maximum trading with maximum opportunities and freedom! Do check out www . tradersway . com for more information, account details, software support etc.
Trader's Way Web Trader!

There are a number of restrictions that make MetaTrader 4 limited for the wide-spread use. The program works on MS Windows compatible computers, and this simple fact leaves out a huge amount of users who prefer computers running on other operating systems, such as Apple Mac. Plus, MetaTrader 4 needs to be installed on a machine, which complicates things if you want to work on someone else's machine or in Internet cafe for example.

To solve these problems we have a unique product for MetaTrader - a Web Trader. This system allows you to get connected to your trading account using any compatible web browser and to perform all basic operations and works from any computer.In short, the perfect platform to trade with. For more information, check out www . tradersway . com
Mobile Trader!

For active traders who are constantly on the go, we offer access to their trading accounts from mobile devices running on iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android operating systems. Having wireless access to the Internet, you can monitor the market, view your order status, make transactions - all of it is at your fingertips and controlled from your favorite mobile gadget. You will be accessing the same account you use in MetaTrader4 terminal.

For more info on mobile trading, device sync and related details, do check out www . tradersway . com
STANDARD Account with VARIABLE Spread!

Trader’s Way MT4.VAR. account is unique in every aspect and one that combines some advantageous features of real market ECN trading with its tight floating spreads and of no-commission standard account trading with its small initial deposit. As a trader, you can use these accounts to learn how to trade under real interbank market conditions with minimum risk. You can start with a small amount of money and trade still without commission while enjoying the benefits of tiny spreads that change according to a current market situation. Their values are very small on quiet market (however not as small as on ECN accounts) starting from only 0.7 pips.

Trader’s Way MT4.VAR. account offers more trading opportunities while retaining classical account advantages. You can deposit funds (US dollars or Euros), trade any size (from 0.01 Standard lot or 1,000 units of base currency) and maximize your leverage ratio up to 1:500 without any commission and extra charges. Standard Account with variable spreads allows you to experience ECN trading under the same conditions as on interbank market – highest volatility possible, widening and contracting spreads, significant initial deposit.

You can start MT4.VAR. demo trading to know the market and how to go about minimizing risk. Moreover, you can trade any time and any place, without software and device compatibility problems though Trader’s Way Web Trader. All advantages of the most popular MT4 platform - user-friendly interface, advanced charts, numerous analytical tools, news, updates and much more - are at your service anywhere you go, whatever device you use and whenever you want to trade. Call us if you have any questions and check out www . tradersway . com for details regarding accounts, platform, etc.
STANDARD Account with Fixed Spread!

STANDARD Account with FIXED Spread

Trader’s Way MT4.FIX. account is the standard account, with a fixed spread and one that’s available on MetaTrader 4 trading platform with. The great thing about fixed spreads is that you trade with a fixed spread while trading, without any abrupt changes. Starting with any amount of money you can trade any size from 0.01 Standard lot (1,000 units of base currency) while optimizing your leverage up to 1:500 without any commission and extra charges. With Trader’s Way you can access most competitive spreads starting from only 2 pips.

Knowing your spread beforehand makes it easy and convenient, especially when you use automatic trading, robots and planning tools. When it comes to fixed spreads, you’ll find that manual strategies work better with it. With Trader’s Way MT4.FIX. accounts you can make the most out of the platform’s famous Advisors and programming options when it’s required or desirable to know your spreads in advance.

You can start MT4.FIX. demo trading to know all the peculiarities of trading without any risk. Moreover, you can trade any time and any place, without software and device compatibility problems though Trader’s Way Web Trader. All advantages of the most popular MT4 platform - user-friendly interface, advanced charts, numerous analytical tools, news, updates and much more - are at your service anywhere you go, whatever device you use and whenever you want to trade.

For more information on fixed spreads, account types, details do check out www . tradersway . com
Forex trading and opportunities!

Do you feel underpaid for your hard work? You want to receive higher commissions for your clients?

Trader’s Way values its partners and highly appreciates their efforts. That’s why it has developed a special promotion - “Higher commissions for active partners”- to encourage most hard-working of them.

Commissions increase depending on the amount of deposits attracted during one month as follows:

- clients' deposits more than 10,000 usd per month – commissions rise to 1.1 pips
- clients' deposits more than 20,000 usd per month – commissions rise to 1.2 pips
- clients' deposits more than 30,000 usd per month – commissions rise to 1.3 pips
- clients' deposits more than 40,000 usd per month – commissions rise to 1.4 pips
- clients' deposits more than 50,000 usd per month – commissions rise to 1.5 pips

How to get started:
1) Open a Real account -https://po.tradersway.com/en/user/register
2) Go to Private office and press “Become a partner” button
3) You will get your Partner code
4) You can use this code in personal web-links anywhere you want (on your website, on forums, ads, brochures, etc.)
5) Traders who come to our website through these links will AUTOMATICALLY become your clients - you will get commissions from their deals
6) If your clients' deposits exceed 10,000 usd per month - you'll get higher commission AUTOMATICALLY

For more information, check our Partnership Program details -http://www.tradersway.com/index.php/partnership
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Open a Demo account!

To understand how our trading platform works and to explore your trading strategies without risking your funds, you can set up a demo account, one that provides you with the same trading conditions of ALL the types of real accounts that we have available. Simply go to our registration page, fill out all the fields in the form, and click on Demo account. You will then need to choose what type of account you want to practice with and once you click on the validation link, you should be able to test drive your strategies.

We have 3 account types to choose from: accounts with a fixed spread, accounts with a floating spread, and ECN accounts, all of which mirror real-time trading conditions you will experience with our actual accounts.

Demo accounts are very convenient. Our policy is to give our clients the chance to trade by the most comfortable means available. In addition, the demo provides the clients with the ability to test out strategies and learn more about the market at no risk whatsoever. Test yourself and find out about our exceptional conditions for trading with no risk.
To open a $100,000 Demo account for free, Please register at www . tradersway . com / index . php / new_to_the_market / open_a_demo_account
On Markets..

It is our mission to provide our clients with limitless opportunities in trading. Given that, naturally we offer our customers access to the widest variety of markets: FOREX, Stock Indices, Metals, Energies, and Commodities. You can opt to trade on any one through the same platform any time and any place without losing time and switching to other systems. In short, our platforms are designed to provide you with maximum trading opportunities without having to switch between platforms. We selected an extensive range of instruments for each market for you to make the most out of your trading activity. Any account has access to all markets * - there is no need to open a separate account to trade, for example, metals or commodities!

Available instruments are presented separately for each category of the markets below.

Each market has its own peculiarities, but in order to trade successfully, you will need proper knowledge, trends understanding and analysis to make a profitable trade. It is also much easier to trade on different markets using the same platform, the same system. The visual interface, charts and diagrams are represented the same way, the same approach to analysis can be used. The most advanced and convenient technologies coupled with the widest set of instruments provide you with limitless earning opportunities and creates the basis for the kind of lifestyle you want.
* On MT4.MICRO. accounts only Forex and Metals are available. Do check out www . tradersway . com for more information on markets and trading opportunities.