1. savagetrader

    Tradersway Stole $2470 from me Scammers

    On Thursday 09-24-2020 I tried to log into my trading accounts from my phone but couldnt. So I went to my pc and the mt4 said invalid account. Then I noticed one of my accounts had no money in them. This is a bot account that may get one or 2 trades per week so I have no reason to move funds...
  2. C

    Abandoned - Scam broker Tradersway

    This scam broker work with Anthony Rizal Wins. They stole $15k from my bank account. Please DO NOT TRUST THESE SCAMMERS!!! I am legally responsible for what I say. Always google it before you pay your money! You will find Tradersway is not safe on google.
  3. Getpar

    Trader's Way is a fraudulent company

    As of today I began a withdrawal process with Trader's Way after a very profitable week of trading. I closed all open positions and orders and had a balance of 42K in the account small but considering I started with much less I was pleased with the return. I used the MT4 platform to trade mainly...
  4. F

    Trader's Way is a scam broker, they ripped me off

    Traders's Way made me lose around 400 USD on 26th of June 2019 on a single trade. Just to make me in loss as they placed a losing order without my knowledge, so that they don't let me be inf profit. I have started trading at them on 19th of June 2016. Not even a week, they ripped me off my...
  5. Gayanlakshantha

    Resolved: Tradersway broker is not give my 24979$ money

    tradersway broker is not give my 24979$ money . i waiting 2 month .2019/03/27 i request withdrawal . after he delete my all money. but i have a all ready to screen recording video. this video is i send 2019/06/04 to tradersway department . after he replace my money to my trading account...
  6. C

    Tradersway doing some shady stuff

    So i was on demo with this broker for a while and everything worked smoothly. Then of course when i switch to live thats when you realize that this broker is pretty shady. So i set up a sell stop right? Whats the point of pending orders? to enter a trade at the SPECIFIC price you chose. This all...
  7. bobbydd21

    Tradersway Scam

    It seems that anytime there is news and major movement in the market, Traderway suddenly goes offline. This has happened 3 times to me already. Notice that it is 9:18PM currently in the screenshot below. AUD news hit at 8:30. Servers have been down since then and I can't open or close any...
  8. 1

    Tradersway Scam

    Ok so back in November 28 2018 I went into my chase branch and had sent a wire to traders way in the amount of 8k because had closed my account. Everything was going good but was taking forever for the money to be posted even after the expected arrival date(December 5th). Multiple...
  9. B

    Tradersway "no option to withdraw".

    Hi all I opened an account with Tradersway. I traded and wanted to make a withdrawal of my profits. No option amongst the ones I was given enabled me to make a withdrawal. To be honest I was given one option that is "internal transfer" and no options from the accounts to transfer to. I really...
  10. C

    Tradersway deposits and withdrawal

    Been with Tradersway for a few years but took a break from trading after blowing out one too many accounts. Now after returning to try once again I notice that the old options of using debit and credit cards are no longer available to use to fund my account. I only see third party services and...
  11. S

    RESOLVED [Trader's Way] 3000€ Withdraw wire transfer scam

    Hi, first of all i apologize for mybad english i'm not an english native speaker. i asked for a 3000€ withdraw on October 29, 2018, 9:34:09 PM on Trader's Way by wire transfer who has been "Completed" : and 2 weeks after i've still receive nothing on my bank account. I've contacted the...
  12. N

    Trader's Way: Fake Spike Scam?

    Hey all. I'm an experienced trader, and I've been testing Trader's Way's ECN account for the last few months. I work with lots of other Traders (mostly newbies) and everyone is always looking for a good broker, so I test out as many as I can so when asked, I can give first-hand experience. Well...
  13. S

    Resolved: Tradersway Scam

    They stole $1,4180 from me claiming that I made a dispute. I inquire about withdrawal they told me the credit card option is down. They said on website the way you fund is the way you can withdraw. So i inquired information from vload where I purchase the voucher. Next day i received email from...
  14. D

    Possibly scammed by Tradersway.

    Friday (4-27-18), the market closed while I was in two XAU / USD trades. My trades at the time the market closed were at -167.87. Priced was at 1323.96 at that particular time. As soon as the market opened at 5:00 pm Central Time by trades closed out at a lost of $386.97 I ask Tradersway to...
  15. S

    Tradersway Eliminated My PROFITS! SCAMMERS!!

    Tradersway has unapologetically eliminated thousands of dollars of my trading profits because they are a greedy bucketshop broker. FPA please help me get justice!
  16. beefmaster

    Resolved - TradersWay Withdrawal problems

    I have been with Tradersway since around end of April, by the recommendation of a friend, and found them to be nice broker to trade with in terms of commissions, spreads etc. However, no fun at all when it came to witdrawing my money. At one point I came across a review by someone (seems there...
  17. D

    Resolved - Tradersway withdrawal problems

    On Sept. 12 2017 I requested to withdraw all funds from the forex broker in Dominica called I was only given the choice of as a method of withdrawing the $6,351 so I used them & was notified that Payza got the funds. When I tried to enter my bank checking...
  18. S

    Tradersway scam alert

    They started manipulating prices on Aug 25th to the 30th (that I've verified so far). They sent a letter to customers saying hey were aware of the problem that occured on the 29th and were investigating to correct all accounts. Received email saying my trades weren't affected......scammers...
  19. J

    Tradersway scammed me for $1,400 claiming I filed a dispute

    They stole $1,400 from me claiming that I made a dispute on my bank account, so I provided them with all my statements information, and still won't give my money back, so can anybody help me with additional info on how to file a complaint from tradersway. they saw a $700 depost with no dispute...
  20. V

    Tradersway are criminals

    Avoid these scammers at all costs