Trading without stop-losses

Impossible!! Look at what a long trade on gold would have been without stop loss…
the trader who does not employ a stop loss could always manually exit his or her position. :p
anyway, blindly taking a trade is suicide in itself. that kind of trader should always have a sensible approach, rather than a haphazard one.
Potential Benefits: Some traders argue that not using stop-loss orders allows for greater flexibility and avoids the risk of being stopped out during market volatility or temporary price fluctuations. It can also give room for longer-term trends to develop without being prematurely exited.
Increased Risk: Not implementing stop-loss orders exposes traders to the risk of larger losses. Without predefined exit points, a trade can potentially run against them, leading to significant financial consequences. It's crucial to carefully assess the risk-reward ratio and the potential impact on your overall trading strategy.
Emotional Bias: Trading without stop-losses can sometimes be driven by emotional factors, such as fear of missing out (FOMO) or an unwillingness to accept losses. Emotional decision-making can lead to impulsive actions and hinder rational judgment, potentially magnifying losses.
Risk Management Alternatives: While stop-loss orders are a popular risk management tool, there are alternative strategies that traders may consider. These include using trailing stops, implementing hedging techniques, or employing sophisticated risk management models. It's essential to explore and understand these alternatives before deciding to forgo stop-loss orders.
Individual Trading Style: Each trader has a unique trading style and risk tolerance. What works for one trader may not work for another. It's crucial to evaluate your personal trading approach, risk appetite, and overall strategy to determine whether trading without stop-losses aligns with your goals and temperament.
Keep in mind that stop-losses are not a guarantee of avoiding losses entirely. In some market conditions, such as during high volatility or news events, stop-losses may not be executed at the exact price you set. However, they can still be an effective tool for managing risk and limiting potential losses.
Umm, why do you refrain from using stop loss in the first place? Stop-loss orders are crucial to prevent significant drawdowns and protect you from excessive losses.

Trailing stop losses can also be an excellent tool for an automated approach.
Not using a stoploss is never a good idea. Its probably traders with small account that recommend that but if you have real money on the line like me you will value risk to reward and use a stop loss at all times
Hello, every one!

i have a question that anyone trade without stop-losses, and succeeded?
Trading without stop-loss can be done? has any opinion, plz comment here?
A key component of Forex trading is risk management, it is just as important to successful trading as making profitable trades. The key to risk management is to have a sensible risk reward ratio, this ensures that (providing your overall strategy is sound) losses that are incurred are manageable in the long term.

The only way that risk reward ratio's can be guaranteed is if the risk is protected. To do this, stop loss orders should be placed at the time of entering trade.

Trading with out a stop loss in place leaves the trader completely exposed, particularly if using large levels of leverage as is often the case in shorter term trading.
Opposite from the common and widespread belief I trade and would suggest trading without stop loss orders, only in certain situations. If you are a scalper or a day trader.
For day traders, this means you are not allowed to hold an open position overnight. When the trading day is over, you must close all of your opened positions, no matter if they are in profit or losing ones. Practically, this is some form of a stop-loss order if your position is in red, you close it at the end of the day and avoid the next day to go even deeper into the red zone.
As for scalpers, they don’t need an SL or TP order because they monitor the trade and can take action immediately if they notice something going against their plan. Usually, their trades last a few minutes, so it’s even recommended to trade this style without SL orders.
In all the other situations, and trading strategies it is recommended to use SL orders, but one should educate himself how to properly identify SL levels to give their trades enough room.