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  1. T

    Reverse Martingale Type Expert Advisor

    Title: Reverse_v5D Currency Pair: GBP/USD Timeframe: H1 Compatibility: Only MT4 Reverse EA has the following minimum deposit requirements: – Safe mode $3000 ($300 for micro and $30 for cent accounts) – Normal mode $2000 ($200 for micro and $20 for cent accounts) – Aggressive mode $1000...
  2. U

    youtube live: , i paid 399 usd for the ea too,

    this is their lastest youtube live: , i paid 399 usd for the ea too, please update, so others can see
  3. T

    New Forex Stuff Free Trial Version of Expert Advisor

    Timeframe: H1 Lots Size: 0.01 to 0.10 Currency Pairs: All Best Results With: GBP/USD Compatibility: Only MT4 Free Trial Version: Full Version:
  4. Algofxpro

    Services Offered Christmas offer from AlgoFxPro

    Hurry up! There are Only a few days left! Expert Advisor MO311 This trading robot is a real godsend for novice traders, as the recommended deposit size is only $250-500, while the average monthly growth reaches 4.19%! So, don’t waste time learning boring theory; instead, become a successful...
  5. T

    New Forex Stuff Micro Scalping Strategy based Expert Advisor - with News Filter

    Title: Scalper_v10 Currency Pairs: All Timeframe: M1 Trading Time: 17:00 to 07:00 GMT Best Results With: GBP/USD and USD/CAD Compatibility: Only MT4 Official Website:
  6. Zsolti

    Responsible Forex Trading, RFT, Ryan Brown's EA martingale

    Be awere guys, this EAs cutting profits at 0.1 - 0.3%, and risks at the same time 25%. It just took the DD on my account in 3 days, which was 1000 EUR . Because this ea needs at least 3000 EUR. Guys! Seriously This EA s took around 1.5 EUR profits . A simple question: If you take less than 2...
  7. runfsceo

    Youtube Forex Expert Advisor

    They are hooking people by showing their profits. They sell a fake EA. The price is 900 EUR but they accept only BITCOIN. They block a buyer from Telegram Channel after selling a fake EA. Now I cant contact them from Telegram Channel because they blocked me. They showed me their EA's...
  8. Sergio NEOFX

    New Forex Stuff Odin [Expert Advisor made by NEOFX Solutions]

    Odin is an Expert Advisor made by NEOFX Solutions that was developed to execute operations in Trend and Counter Trend with a central filter module which controls the volatility of the trades. It is a tool that operates 3 robots in 1 and offers programming for 3 different types of setups, whether...
  9. J

    Setting up an Expert Advisor

    Hi all, I am planning on running an EA next week for the first time. My friend set me a few to test, they are EX4 files. A few weeks ago I watched a really good video on how to set them up on YouTube, but I can't for the life of me find it again.... Does anyone know of any good YouTube guides...
  10. NaqhTeam


    is anyone have buy or have the EA ? for "FOREX FENIX PRO EA" ? it will be great if you share your experience about the ea or maybe share to us the EA i'll be thankfully I think this EA is Really Good His video on yotube:
  11. isten

    New Forex Stuff My expert advisor for free -

    I give you my expert advisor for free. With a real mony account the only condition is that you have to use my affiliate link. When I started trading forex I fell for a bad signal provider. Then i buy an EA and i lost money too. :eek: I only made profit longtime with trading weak currency...
  12. MetaBeep

    New Forex Stuff Remote Monitoring Tool

    MetaBeep is a monitoring tool for discerning algorithmic traders. It alerts you when your Virtual Private Server (VPS), Expert Advisor (EA) or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is down. It also alerts you of your broker's uptime and downtime, ensuring that your EA is always trading to its full...
  13. Z

    New Forex Stuff A wonderful expert advisor

    A wonderful expert advisor is finally showing his power. Constant profit with minimal risk. You can see examples of how it works at All you have to do is adjust the Lot to your liking. The Holy Grail among EA. If you would like to have that...
  14. T

    Services Offered The latest trading Algo by Malori Trading

    Hi guys, haven't been posting here for quite some time. Wanted to share with you our latest creation at Malori, still trading the EURUSD, still on the 5 minutes timeframe, still with a low DD. We called it CUJO and he is standing at +21.49% after 2,5 months in production. Pay us a visit at...
  15. OnlineAddict

    From $1 to Million - Expert Advisor - Results I will try to keep updating this thread every week with the latest results. For more details please go to:
  16. Jony A

    New Hope EA

    Hello! I bought a New Hope EA advisor. I want to share the result. These are old accounts where this adviser worked, a little later I will post fresh reports. 17828 password:NewHope123 server:Orbex-Live - 45954 USD MT4 17829 password:NewHope123 server:Orbex-Live - 15129 USD MT4 17799...
  17. S

    Youtube Live Expert Advisor Forex Trading EA, Expert Advisor Forex EA

    Hello All, I came to this Live streaming of Expert Advisor Forex EA or Expert Advisor Forex Trading EA. His Youtube Channel: EXPERT ADVISOR FOREX TRADING Current Live Video on Youtube: (This keeps changing everytime) His gmail...
  18. MartinEngland89

    Forex Affiliate Links Forex EA 10% Monthy Profit With Low Drawdown

    i would recommend a new forex robot that can consistently generate 10 -15% net profit monthly and of course with low risk. I will not promise you that this robot can duplicate your account in 1-2 months, because such robots will blow your account away at any time. This robot, called Blueway Air...
  19. louise.kepinska

    Expert Advisers?

    Not sure if this is the right place for a thread of this nature, apologies I'm still pretty new to FPA, lurked a long time for reviews but this is my first time on the forum! :) I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on EAs? I've seen a few different providers and a few automated...
  20. F

    I m Not New Here, I have Been in Forex since 2012

    Hello friends i m backed in forex after 3 years, last time i wiped my deposit with Ilan 1.6 EA do anyone have similar experience?