Unions Market problem


UNIONS MARKET firma ME UNIŠTILA !!!! Može li mi netko pomoći da vratim novac? Kome se mogu obratiti za pomoć?
Žao mi je, ali pokušavam pronaći način da vratim novac koji mi je UNIONS tržište uzelo
Navedite web stranicu koju ste koristili. Također iz koje ste zemlje?

Please provide the website you used. Also what country are you from?
@bubamara Unionsmarket Group is part of a big fraud scheme operating for years now... powered by Israeli fintech, Ukrainian UBOs and their support, back office and EU and worldwide payment infrastructure, finally with fraudulent call centers (a.k.a. boiler rooms) in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. A lot of fraudulent brands were operated by the same group of people.

We are preparing a thread on them here on FPA. For quite some time (nearly 2 years now) we have been waiting for any legal action on this scam group to happen, given that some law enforcers have relevant information and know who they are. Sadly, they do not seem to care or cannot do anything about it at the moment. Either way, no matter the excuse, the result is devastating for the victims, like your self. Do not have any illusions that this thread or information here would bring you your money back. It won't. But, it may entice some law enforcers (namely the police) to do their job. The job they get paid for, by the very same people like your self, through taxes.

What you should do here is the following: go back to the review of the company that you have done already (https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/19536/unions-market-group-review) and describe all details - how did you apply, who called and what number was used, what was told/promised, screenshots of emails, deposits, later recovery scams... everything. Names of the scammers who called you (all of them)… you get the picture. Everything. Did you go to the police? Your local regulator? It does not matter if they do anything or not, you should at least register your claim.