Upcoming Signals Overview (August 16~20, 2010)


This is GREAT Huwee! Thanks for taking the time to set this up. I have it plugged into my calendar and have my notifications set up. This is going to be a real convenience.


Thanks Henry..

I'm sure your work is laborious at times, but you are definitely helping a lot of us with your in depth knowledge of Forex. You are a good teacher Henry. Thanks for all your time and effort.. and all those extra pips !!!!

jackcapecod :)


help please

Hello Henry
congratulations for the great review and indications, but due to lack of time to operate, I need forex account manager
Could you tell me good companies or managers who work with management of forex accounts?
thank you,
please send me private mensage!


Traded in spite of "no trade"... got stung

Dear Henry and fellow bloggers,

I traded on UK CPI news this morning.

I traded live this morning. I had no business doing so, I was eager to trade and went against Henry's advice.

Pre-release selling began about 2:00 and rannged downward about 50-60 pips. But I was up, I wanted to trade and so I foolishly did. The news came out, it was exactly as predicted 3.1, there was some movement southward, then some retracement and I got in at 1.5635. I set a take profit tab at 1.5630 and then I watched unhappily as the market went the other way, and finally hit my stop loss at 1.567.

Henry's advice was "no trade" at 3.1 but I wanted to trade so I did and I paid. Well, my loss was modest and my wife won't kill me, but I would have been better off sitting on my hands.

Until next trade.


Thank's a lot henry and i just want to say that you're so genius in forex and i really admire your forex trading skill. I have followed your incredible signals for few weeks and i have proved it with many winning strike. I hope you keep giving your strategy.
Thank you

Your satisfied Friend


Thanks Henry - here's to a pip-filled week!


I've put together a Google Calendar of Henry's tradable news releases which you can add to your own Google Calendar (if you use Google Calendar!). This gives you the following:
  1. Notifications to your mobile phone via SMS (for free!)
  2. Translates the time into your local timezone
  3. Allows you to see your personal appointments alongside when the news releases are happening

Instructions (you only need to add this once and it will appear every week). See accompanying screenshots attached:
  1. Log into your Google calendar and go to "Other Calendars"
  2. Type in "06nlopqpjr7nnehhgc99igak6k@group.calendar.google.com" (without the quotes and the .com should be one word - you'll need to remove the space)
  3. Now click on the drop-down for your newly added calendar "Henry Liu's Trading Signals". Click on "Calendar settings"
  4. Click on the tab "Notifications". Fill in the reminders you'd like - E-mail, SMS and Pop-up.

If you don't see "SMS" as a drop-down option, you need to configure the settings for your mobile phone in google. Go to your "Settings" (top right) and choose "Mobile Setup" or check Google Calendar Help.

I'll try to update this calendar every Sunday/Monday after Henry releases his weekly review, so you should only need to add the calenar once and from there on you'll get reminders every week to help you trade successfully :)

Hope this helps,

Hello Huwee,

I thank you indeed for your post on using Google Calendar. It is a life-preserver because it reveals to me how I can be more coordinated in my trading (getting hint of news through SMS before opening my computer), some aspects of my socials and general communication.

I thank you a million X millions times, and hope to get (from you) more tips on productivity tools that help us maintain our sanity and self-organisation.

GOD bless you.
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