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Discuss UpFX.com

General discussions of a financial company
Any one else use these guys


I am trying out there demo and the spreads are pretty good.

Just wondering if anyone else is using them with a live account, or have any negative or positive info.


hey ramy,

i am still with them - about a month now. i have a live account and they have been a great broker. i will be sticking with them.
thks for the reply.

Do you have a standard account?

If so, what kind of spreads are you getting for the eurusd?
sorry for slow reply

i am getting under 2 most of the time on eur/usd. they are great in customer service as well. i really like upfx.
i am getting under 2 most of the time on eur/usd. they are great in customer service as well. i really like upfx.

mikep, could you please tell about their execution. Have you tried placing orders during volatile market, especially news spikes? Any slippage, major spread widening..etc?
How fast/reliable is the withdrawal process?


hey digamer,

i occasionally trade news, and their spreads are typically fine during news. there is some slippage but that is to be expected in fast moves. less slippage than some of the other brokers i have used.

i have not withdrawn yet, but they are very personable and i feel confident about that aspect.

hope this is helpful info.
Thank you, mikep, that was very helpful. I will try them out in near future and will post info after that.
This broker really seems quite promising, while there are only few reviews/comments on the net. Other upfx users could also share their thoughts here...
New account

I too signed up with UPfx. They offer a ton of instruments to trade. Pairs, metals, indexes, etc. etc. I hope they pan out to be a good broker.

I opened a live micro account but haven't funded yet. One thing that concerned me (and I heard this mentioned elsewhere). After opening account and trying to login online (able to log in on MT4 no problem) I get a screen saying that the login portal won't be available until October something or other.

I noticed a post from awhile back where someone got the same thing, but at the time it said "not available til August..."

Not sure what's going on there or if they're just having website issues (nice site by the way). I've sent an email so hopefully will hear back.

Any other experiences with them out there.
Same for me about the web site account. Absolutely no problems with the brokerage, trading software, execution or anything else that really matters. Just an annoyance that the site isn't ready.

I've spoken to them a few times, and as I understand it they are in beta with it and it should be ready this week.

It sounds like it's going to be amazing. Fully automated, charts, the works, so I'm really looking forward to it.

A great group these guys, been really nice and fun to trade with them. I've been very happy.