Hi Dear

Recently I got signed up with zeforexr.com. I generally don't do trading at all but I saw advertising on Facebook while scrolling. It was about first 50 beta users so I put my details in. I got call in 10 minutes and he said my account is verified. He managed to convince me to put $250 which is minimum to start and I did transfer $250 through credit card. Then he organise time for phone call to start session. He called me on exact time. He sent me link on my email to download software in order to provide him excess to my computer so he can teach me how to operate software. He did two deals of $25. In both deals I have about $20 dollars profits each. The next day same story I had profit of $47. In total I had $87 in 20 minutes. He convinced me to put $1000 for advanced deal. Which I did. After this deal he Didn't call me whole week even after booking the time on Monday. After a week i lost that deal. I wasn't aware that we loose 100% of our money if it goes wrong. After emailing several times to him he called me after week. I asked him why I lost my $1000 dollars? He said we just lost the deal and we loose all of our money. During this one week I have done $30 withdrawal but it was not coming to my bank account. It's says pending. So I asked him ,why $30 is not coming in my bank and I want to withdraw my money because I did not know that it's like gambling. He told me that it's because my account is not verified. He said he will short this out and call me next day. I did not have any call from them. I have emailed them still no call. Now I am worried that weather I will get my $300 back or not?? can anyone help me. ????
This happened in last two weeks of July 2017.