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Updated: Apr 19, 2019
2.249 · 30 REVIEWS
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Scam Confirmation

March 2017:  There is a third FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company. The FPA now considers AAFX Trading to be a scam.  The FPA warns traders against doing business with AAFXTrading.  If you have money on deposit with this company, the FPA recommends that you try to withdraw it as soon as possible.

Scam Confirmation
February 2017:  There are now two FPA Traders Court guilty votes against this company.  The FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with AAFX Trading until these issues are resolved.

February 2015-March 2016:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted.

AAFXTrading is a forex broker. AAFX Trading offers the VertexFX and MT4 forex trading platforms. AAFXTrading.com offers over 40 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, stocks, commodities, gold, silver and other precious metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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Court cases

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  • Resolved0
  • Not guilty0
  • Guilty3
Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2017-030 2017-03-07AAFXVictim vs aafxtrading.comguilty
2017-0162017-01-30Holderlin vs AAFXTRADING.comguilty
2017-0012017-01-02jonaspfeffer vs aafxtrading.comguilty

AAFXTrading.com profile provided by AAFXTRADING Support, Jun 16, 2016

AAFXTrading is a forex broker. AAFX Trading offers the MT4 forex trading platform. AAFXTrading.com offers over 40 forex currency pairs, indices, oil, stocks, commodities, gold, silver and other precious metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.249 · 30 REVIEWS
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Moscow, Russian Federation,
Apr 18, 2019,

AAFX Trading broker appears to be better than I thought

A friend of mine recommended to open an AAFX trading account. As it turns out later, it is making more money out of the broker's referral program, even when I used to make out of trading. When I made my first deposit and started to trade, it seemed to me that spreads wew too big. Another broker, I used to cooperate with, had more beneficial conditions. Except that my first fly-by-night company suddenly turns out to be a scammer and I lost all my deposit. At least I made a withdrawal two months before they stopped making the payments.
And AAFX trading unexpectedly became my main broker. I've been trading there for almost two years. I made withdrawals for about 15-20 times already (after my bitter experience I try to withdraw money regularly). Money is always accepted fast and steadily. No issues with trading as well. Now I think that the tightest spreads - little thing compared to steady income and guaranteed payments.
Pretoria, South Africa,
Mar 7, 2019,
Registered user

I Deposited 1000 GBP to trade with within 2 days I made 3000GBP profit ,then when I wanted to withdraw my initial deposit ,my withdrawal was rejected, and all my funds were taken away .they say I didn't close within 60 sec and I have proof of a video that i recorded while trading I waited more then 60sec ,now they took all my money just like that ,when i text support they don't want to assist me .
Bakir Zulfugarov,
Baku, Azerbaijan,
Feb 27, 2019,
Registered user

Terrible attitude towards customers!!!

Unfortunately, this is a dishonest broker. I have two trading accounts opened with this company. On 02/26/2019 approximately at 16.00 GMT the company did not inform or warn, without any reason, blocked both my trading accounts 2132533045 and 2132534223 and nullified the balances on both accounts!!! Immediately after that, they closed the online chat. Also blocked my personal account. My messages that I sent to customer support are not answered!!! On the first account I have open positions that need to be constantly monitored, but I have not had access to my account for 15 hours. It all started after I applied to withdraw funds from my second account. The application was submitted on 02/25/2019 and has not yet been executed. On both accounts a rather big amount. Now I am left with nothing. This is some kind of madness, they do not even respond!!! Be careful, I in no way recommend this broker.
Athens, Greece,
Dec 29, 2018,
Registered user

1000% SCAM

Unfortunately their are a scam broker.
They intentionally fakely change the price of an instrument (for example usd/jpy may open after weekend with +0.50% but in THEIR server is going for 1 sec at -0.05% before "finding" the right value , in order to make your positions to close !!! If you spend time for this , they will say to you "well we have a situation here , a wrong price bla bla " , saying that the best that they can do for you is to just give the money of your trade back.
For example you traded 200 euros and you should have almost 1200, but they just give you back your 200 euros (and again ONLY if you open a case about this) saying that they will NOT recognise your profit because of this "wrong" price although that in reality the price should ONLY go UP and the ..."mistake" by their "liquid provider" was just for NOT getting paid !

By tricks like this, this SCAM company is making money in EVERY CASE.
1) By those who should make profit but they lost with the fake price and they will NOT open a case
2) By those who were trading in a different direction of this that the intrument opened (because the ....wrong price happens ONLY to those who had bought in this example!!) Those who SOLD , see the price moving normaly upside and of course they lose as they in reality should have because their position was a SELL while the intrument is gaining ground.
3) By those who got their money back , because they will lose them for sure with the next trick
Personally I stopped trading after an event like this but I noticed that there are endless cases like mine

It is a WIN WIN situation for this fraudulent broker and the most positive reviews are probably fake
Giorgi Akhvlediani,
Tbilisi, Georgia,
Jul 5, 2018,

Highly Satisfied with this Broker services.

When it comes to forex trader we start looking reviews for every company. I myself been trading with different companies like alpari, forex and many more over last many years. I always had a problem of slippage with every broker which made me believe that these kind of brokers are market maker and they are never happy with the style you trade which makes you win in the trade and some had withdraw problems.. Recently like 4months ago have joined AAFX trading and after reading mix reviews good and bad. I still decided to open account with aafx and deposited $100. Ofcourse there attractive offers like high leverage and bonus made me do it because we as trader don’t find such leverage with every broker. I start my trading and lose in the start with many multiple $100 deposits in total probably $700 and one thing i must say they have had this slippage problem neither the freezing problem. Finally i said lets give a shot and i decided to deposit $1000 and recover my losses and also made $850 more profit and then i wanted to check this broker with the withdraw so unlike other trader who request for little withdraw. I requested for all my account balance which was $2550. And i was so happy that after exactly 15hours the withdraw was in my skrill account. And now i refered some of my friends to this broker and happily continuning with them.

Conclusion is sometimes broker with mix reviews doesn’t mean broker is bad. Sometimes uneducated traders and traders who come to broker to take advantage of their systems end up complaining about broker. I would say everyone try every broker with their little deposit because min deposit like $100 would not make you poor but with this $100 you might find the correct broker which you look for.

AAFX you surprised and made me happy with your service. Thankyou for all the people who read this. Cheers
Jamie James,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Apr 3, 2018,

Quite impressive broker compare to others

I must say different individuals have different opinion and experience with every company. My experience with AAFX company is quite good. I have two accounts with them fixed and VIP and my account no 2132541027 and 2132540926. First i opened fixed account to try out because the min deposit for fixed is $100 where as the min for vip is $20000. I want to say that I am trading with them from last 2 years and like every other client i deposited only $100 and made them good profits over the months and requested the withdraws on and off to check if they really withdraw the funds on time or not. Unlike many other companies who don't like when you make profits and they try to increase the spreads or put some spike to liquidate your account But my experience of trading with aafx was very good. They always make calls to me and email said your trading is good and withdraw my profit funds very fast which made me believe that this company really working as ECN and earning from spread. So i went for the big VIP account with my $27000 deposit and keep trading because the spread is very lower in VIP compare to fixed which made my strategy more profitable. But over the months i made some losses also ofcourse the crazy up and downs of market. Anyways what i want to say that my experience is good and until now i respect them as my broker which fulfil all the promises of good spread and quick withdraw. Many other people posted also bad experience with this broker But i am happy with them and truly recommend other. Its always good to try our new brokers with min deposit and built your trust with them gradually. Cheers everyone :)
Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Mar 23, 2018,
Registered user

AAFX is totally SCAM and should be stopped

Hi, I have a complaint about AAFX Trading, I made a withdrawal request on monday 12 march 2018 at 03:28 pm, the amount of the requested withdrawal was 1950 euro but I haven't still recieve the money.
I tried to contact AAFX through live chat, phone, email and skype but they didn't respond. The total amount that I transfered from Skrill to my AAFX Trading account was 8500 euro and the profit I made till the 20th of march 2018 was 4372.52 euro, the total balance was 12872.52 euro.
I have the proof of the account Summary, deposits history, total balance, withdrawals history and statement.

Their website is https://www.aafxtrading.com/about-us/regulation, the payment method that I used was Skril, AAFX Trading Skrill's Name is AAFX TRADING CAPITAL LTD and their Skrill email for euro is euro@aafxtrading.com.
AAFX Trading's website states that the firm is licensed and regulated in WILFRED SERVICES LTD, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, P.O.Box 1510, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines with registration number 22916 IBC, www.wilfredinternationalservices.com and it also states that the firm is registered under the company of business solutions SDN BHD in Malaysia http://malaysiabizadvisory.com/incorporating-malaysian-company-sdn-bhd/.
AAFX Tading gives Hong Kong address but it is not located there. It uses two bank accounts in Hong Kong in the names of iAccount Services (HK) Limited https://iaccountservices.com/ and Yellow Sand International Ltd https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/10028208.

I don't trust AAFX Trading anymore, so please I need help to withdraw the money that I deposited plus the profit that i made.
South Africa,
Dec 22, 2017,
Registered user

On the 10th October I requested to withdraw my funds.

No funds have been received. AAFX approved the withdraw but have stated that the funds are with the bank.

I have sent them proof of my bank statements that the 2000 usd has still not come through (please note that the attached files are in ZAR and show incoming for month is way under 2000 USD.

I keep sending emails and leaving messages and they never get back to me.

Its just not fair that they can steal my money. Is there any way to recover my funds. Please help

Dec 14, 2017 - 1 Star AAFX does not return your funds. Currently they approved the withdraw, however the funds Disappeared from my trading account and was not returned to my bank account.

If anyone wants proof, I have email correspondence, bank statements etc, showing AAFX has not returned the funds.

I implore AAFX to respond here as they are thieves. My Login is 2121156527.

My initial withdraw was 10 October 2017. It still has not been received at 14 December 2017
Dec 20, 2017,

I submitted a wire withdraw for 22k and they said it was caught in limbo and it took them 4 months to credit the account. I submitted another wire withdraw and 2 months later they still didn't approve it. After speaking with them and demanding answers and letting them know I was going to escalate the issue. They zeroed my account and put in fake trades. They are a SCAM if you gave them money it is gone.
talat mahmud,
pallabi, Bangladesh,
Nov 7, 2017,

With acknowledgment through their many honors and their life span of more than 5 years in the business, AAFX broker emerges from different brokers in more than one regard. On the off chance that a trader accentuates wellbeing above everything else, this directed and approved broker, working as a piece of a universal budgetary gathering with market capitalization will unmistakably settle on an exceptional decision. I give them 5 stars and exceptionally prescribe to exchange with them with no sort of delay or uncertainty. This is the best brokerage organization.