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CapitalBankMarkets.com (Greymountain) Review

Updated: Sep 15, 2018
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Scam Confirmation

The FPA has seen evidence linking this company to GreyMountain's Nest of Scam Brokers.  The FPA now considers Capital Bank Markets to be a scam and warns traders to not do business with this broker.

Scam Confirmation

Website is down. One less scam company in business.

CapitalBankMarkets is a forex broker. Capital Bank Markets offers Online forex trading platform. CapitalBankMarkets.com offers over 20 forex currency pairs, cfds and binary option for your personal investment and trading options.

CapitalBankMarkets.com (Greymountain)

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Houston, Tx, USA,
Feb 23, 2017,

Any money you give them you will not get a cent back.

Total ripoff!
They make it look like you are double, tripling your money but then all of a sudden ask for more money and will lose money till you send in more. They never, ever let you withdraw your money. Any money you put in, you will never get back. There is a special place for people like this, they will reap what they sow. Total scam.
Nov 3, 2016,

Capital Bank Markets is a completely scam. Do not fall in their lies. They lost $42,000 from my account from one day to the other and then they block my account the same day. Before that I was trying to withdraw money and they would never let me do it. There was always an excuse why I couldn't withdraw any of my money. When I joined there were no reviews about this company, but now you can see many people charing their experiences. Is your choice if you want to lose your money with Capital Bank or invested in something profitable. Blessings
Buchanan Dam, TX, USA,
Oct 1, 2016,
Registered user

Capital Bank Markets connected to Greymountain Management Ltd and is probably a bogus broker.

I started trading with Capital Bank Markets by following a broker from another brokerage. Things went well for about two months. I deposited money, he doubled the account by trading it as a managed account. He then basically disappeared. Since then I have had a couple of calls from other brokers who want me to deposit more money. Not likely. I was able to triple my account on my own. So I went from 20K to 42K with broker then to 127K. I have had a couple of conversations with Frank Hoover who is according to the secretary who answers the phone is pretty high up in the chain of command. He offered to put me in a managed plan that would earn 6 to 8 percent per month and he and his traders would take a 30 percent cut to split. I have not been able to get him to follow up on that or allow for any withdrawals I have requested. No response, period. I also discovered here the fact that most BO companies using Greymountain Management Ltd. That indicates Capital Bank Markets may be a fraud as many others are. I would at least like to get my 20K back.
Usa, USA,
Aug 26, 2016,

Scam Scam Scam Scam

Omg, don't ever use this company. There is a large group of us investors who are fighting to get our money back. They are a scam 500 times over. They are nice to you as long as you put money in. But it takes an act of God to get anything out. They stop taking your calls and do not reply to your emails after they got your money.

bruce cateralla,
usa new york, USA,
Aug 18, 2016,

hi I am a usa client of capitalbank markets binaryoperations in London, I presently owna morgan Stanley account , I was looking for something new in trading. I heard of binary trading but not experienced enough to trade on my own but I liked is method and the fact yu can earn money quickly if u knew what yu are doing. I heard of capital bank markets and decided to give it a try. I started out slowly with small amounts of money to see what would happen and was pleased with my results. The united states does not have automated binary trading. I think its a good idea and I think a lot of people will want to try it out. I believe that capital bankmarkets can expand if it can make money for its clients. It needs more brokers and clients and more transparency in its operations. My broker is mr. Maxwell who worked with me through whole process and is easy acess to via

telephone. I hope they take my advice and build up a positive reputation and maybe someday they will have automated binary services in te usa.
Texas, USA,
Jul 19, 2016,

They were investing, with the understanding of only risking 10% of account, at any one time... Then no contact for 2-3 weeks.. then they invested the entire account on one trade, 4 months out...
Tried to contact multiple times, nom response at all.. I assume I will lose the entire account, now....
Francois Rivard,
Arizona, USA,
Jun 30, 2016,

Capital Bank Markets is a HUGE SCAM!!! I have deposited $250 to start manual trading. They called me and said to deposit more so that they would be able to trade for me. I first refused. They then suggested to run a robot on my account. It almost wiped my account in few seconds. Then I accepted to add $1000 and they did one trade that took like 3 weeks to complete and it just made it by a hair. My account was now positive and I requested to talk to the account manager. No answer for days. So I requested to withdraw the money. They refused and started to trade and lost half of my account in seconds without warning. I requested to withdraw the balance of my account and they refused and started to trade again without my consent. I tried to contact them and no response. They are impossible to reach. Now my account is almost wiped out and they are not replying to my multiple requests to contact me. DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS. CAPITAL BANK MARKETS ARE REALLY BAD. THEY ARE GOING TO WIPE YOUR ACCOUNT IN FEW SECONDS. You can Skype me francois.rivard@cox.net for more information. I hope that they are going to read this and correct their mistake.