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Problem GreyMountain Management's Nest of Binary Scam Brokers

I am having an issue with a company


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I have found a slew of binary option brokers that are "White Label Solutions" provided by "Greymountain Management Ltd" that are unregulated and are scam brokers. I was one of the lucky ones to get my principal back by absolutely hounding their "client" and Greymountain Managment to the point where I could not do a "Live Chat" with the "client". The powers that be with Greymountain Management are the "Directors" in Israel, Mr. Liam Grainger and Mr. Ryan Coates. Ms. Danielle Earle is in Dublin, Ireland (I have spoken to her several times and I can vouch that she has a very thick Irish accent). However, when searching Dublin's and Ireland's business databases, Greymountain Management does not appear in any form of how you spell their name. Danielle of Greymountain Management purports that they are only a software company that provides software and assistance to their clients only and does not do anything else. In the following replies that I will show you, especially the first one, I will show you that they do more than just provide software to their clients. Greymountain Management themselves is a scam as I have been able to tie them to Banc de Binary with at least one person in common and I believe that their Nest of Binary Brokers are scams as well. If one tries to find "White Label Solutions" and "Greymountain Management" on the same page through Google, you will probably find maybe one page now; whereas, before, it was hundreds. Greymountain Management has scrubbed all of their pages of their information and now we have new addresses popping up. I cannot confirm nor deny that the new addresses that they are using are St. Vincents or the Grenadines, that will take some more research. I have been researching this since the beginning of May with the GREAT help of the FPA!! So, here we go...
PORTER FINANCE: This is the "client" that I worked with. I did as much due diligence on this company as I could so that I could inform my wife that this was a safe investment because I wanted to grow my 401(k) as it was losing money hand over fist. We started out great, just like the broker had stated. I am a numbers guy and had a projections spreadsheet and we were exactly right where we needed to be. Then things went south on 4/30/16 when I found a trend and made investments and was in the money to the tune of $2.8 million in 90 minutes with the USD/JPY currency pair. Porter Finance then canceled everyone's trades due to a "System Failure". I called them out on it and said that if that were the case, then give me your insurance carrier's name and policy number so that I can file a claim. That didn't go well as they sent me to their Fraud and Risk Department where I spoke to the most despicable human being on the planet. So, needless to say, they stole my $2.8 million in winnings, which I rightfully won by being at the right place at the right time, (I am a newbie, just started this stuff in Feb 2016) and worked a trend where I just kept winning, not my fault at all. Following are screenshots showing that Porter Finance is a White Label Solution of Greymountain Management, that Greymountain Management handles the money for Porter Finance (which shows that they are more than just a software company) and the list of investments that I made on 4/30/16 to show my winnings. I did not use a BOT or a Porter Finance broker to do these investments. Please review the files that are uploaded.


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REMOVED aka Cherry Trade

AsstModerator Note: This is why most binary ratings sites can't be trusted. They don't try to check the facts before putting up information about a website. The removed name belongs to a non-binary investment company. The company is registered and regulated in the USA. I am also removing the attachment containing the information incorrectly stating the company is a binary broker.


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BeeOptions (reviews and association with Greymountain Management)


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Vision Binary
Used Greymountain Management as a "White Label Solutions" as well as "Worldwide Tech" as their "payment processor". Here is the very interesting part about this tie in here. The only employee of Worldwide Tech is a "Director" by the name of "Uri Katz" who is also a "Director" of Banc de Binary which has been heavily fined by the United States Government. The tie in between Greymountain Mangement and Worldwide Tech is significant. Now Vision Binary is using the different address of St. Vincent & Grenadines but was showing as a "White Label Solution provided by Greymountain Management" with "Payments are processed via Worldwide Tech Limited..."


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As the same above with Vision Binary, they had the same configuration as Vision Binary. Earlier pages had the exact same information listed on their web site as above; unfortunately, I was not able to grab a screen of this information. Now they have scrubbed this web site of both "White Label Solution provided by Greymountain Management" with "Payments are processed via Worldwide Tech Limited..."
Starling Capital
Something very interesting to notice here. As you can see on the document that is uploaded, it shows that bullet point 1.1.2 shows that this site is a "White Label Solution provided by Greymountain Management ltd" with the phone number of +44 203 807 0260. All is fine and dandy. Fast forward to today when I went to their web site and it shows this information...

"Date of Last Revision: January 30, 2016

1. General Terms

1.1. This Agreement is executed between you (hereinafter “the Client”) and CHROMEX CAPITAL LTD, address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH96960 Marshall Islands (hereinafter “the Company). Clearing and billing services are done by the CM SERVICES d.o.o. address: Golubovci street bb Podgorica.

1.2. Transactions made on www.starlingcapital.com will be represented on your billing statement as:

www.starlingcapital.com (+44-203-807-0260)"

Notice that the company name has changed BUT, this is HUGE, the name of the company AND address has changed? Isn't that just convenient? Not only that, but 1.1.2 is totally gone now. This just goes to show everyone how fast that these scam companies can change their fake address and their fake names on a whim while keeping some things the same.


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"Bloombex Ltd is a whitelabeled solution serviced by Greymountain Management Ltd" is kind of hard to read on this screen grab, it is two lines up from the "www.bloombex-options.com" followed by the phone number. This is another interesting web site that ties this company to Skyrunway.com which is in Roseau, Dominica. Porter Finance is supposedly owned by Skyrunway.com as well out of the same, exact address, "3rd Floor C & H Towers, Corner of Great Marlborough and George Streets, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica." That is rather interesting again.


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MRT Market
This shows to be a White Label Solutions provided by Greymountain Management Ltd and regulated by the Financial Services FSPC Limited under license number FSPC7777. The address shows as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This points to Greymountain Management moving operations, or showing that they are, virtually, when they are not so as to throw one who off who is searching for them if they had a different address for them.


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