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Updated: May 9, 2019
0.812 · 7 REVIEWS
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0.812 · 7 REVIEWS
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Apr 22, 2019,


Deposited 250, took me 1,5 years to make 900 then suddenly in a day took it up to 2200 and now im blocked, Support not answering, no way to reach them also they seem to just not care. FINMAX SCAM! stay away
Jul 9, 2018,

Sell button only for gambling style

In Finmax there is not written in terms and conditions, that you can not use the sell out button, when you make an investment in binary options. After I have lost my initial deposit searching for the sell button, I asked support team and they told me that the sell button is available ONLY TILL 5 MINUTES DURATION BINARY OPTION. NOBODY CAN BE SUCCESSFUL AT FIVE MINUTES. THIS IS NOT FAIR.
May 25, 2018,
Registered user

After making three month structural big profit Finmax froze my account this week. After three days on a row asking for an explanation still nobody has responded. Is this how Finmax treat their successful traders? Is their anybody who made real big profit and could withdraw it at Finmax?

I have traded with several brokers now and could mostly withdraw small profit's, but never big profits. I begin to think that the whole BO industry is one big scam.
Mpumalanga, South Africa,
Apr 22, 2018,
Registered user

Finmax scam

Finmax are refusing me to make withdrawal they are telling me that I have not reached their bonus target and they are not responding to my emails..I think their a scam!
Ciprian Giza,
Brasov, Romania,
Mar 21, 2018,
Registered user


I think Finmax is a SCAM ! I had isues with money withdrawal, they find any reason olny to keep your money on the platform. Afer you lose it they will want to make your withdrawal :)) This is what it happened to me, Also the trading platform is of shit, vith a small payout. Stay away from this Broker.
South Africa,
Dec 29, 2017,

Stay away from them

This is a email i receive from Finmax after taking a 600$ account to 2000$ i didn't even request a withdrawal but they sent me this


Finmax informs you that your funds have been withdrawn from your trading account.

We are also required to notify you that our cooperation is finished, which means that you can no longer trade on Finmax and your trading account is blocked.

The reasons could be:

- Violation of the user agreement
- Management of funds on the account of a third party who does not belong to the trading account
- Trading on several accounts, hedging transactions on different accounts
- Provided forged documents that do not belong to the present owner of the account
- Trade with the help of third-party robot
- Management of funds on the account of a third party who does not belong to the trading account
- Trading on several accounts, hedging transactions on different accounts
- Provided forged documents that do not belong to the present owner of the account
- Trade with the help of third-party robot

so they took all my profit and gave me back my initial investment. i wont recommend broker to anyone at all stay away from them.
Grzenia 81,
Rumia, Poland,
Jul 16, 2017,
Registered user

FINMAX IS SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 3 months ago I open account on FINMAX.
My deposit was 250$. After about 2 weeks I wan't to check how fast they make withdraw and place order to make withdraw 50$. It takes about 5 working days.Then I trade more becouse I see that FINMAX working ok. But it's not OK.
When on my account was about 800 $ I ordered to withdraw 200$. But I never recive this money.
After about one week on my account there was 2200$ and it was blocked.
They don't answer on email and them telephone is always busy.

FINMAX is totally scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Washington,
Russian Federation,
Apr 27, 2017,
Registered user

Scammers FINMAX!!!!!

Good afternoon. I wanted to tell my story about working with the FINMAX broker. I registered and a few minutes later I received a call from Ekaterina Svetlova. Asked a couple of questions, everything as usual. She offered her help in the trade, I refused, I said that I trade on my own. Then he deposited a deposit in the amount of 1000Usd, went through verification and started trading. For 2 months I traded my deals in a positive way. Then every 3 days she called me and offered to earn in x4 more than I earn at the moment. She offered to make money on NFP and required replenishment of the deposit in the amount from 5000USD to 10000USD. Orgumenized by the fact that Trump does not lie that he will raise% and all the deals she wants me to offer 100% winning and enter the market with 5k USD. I found out that their expectations for the NFP were not justified and I would lose 5k minimum. In general, the proposals for large earnings and replenishment of the deposit were constantly flying. It involved psychological pressure, tricks, various facts that I told during a conversation against me and that I would increase the deposit. I was in the mood, everything, and I left an application for withdrawal of my deposit, I was approved of it, but still had to explain to Catherine why I'm withdrawing money, apparently just do not give it away. Next, a week later I made a second request for the withdrawal of profits in the amount of 2000Usd, after which my account, email and phone were blocked (March 23, 2017). I called and wrote from other means of communication, but it all ended with dropping a call or eating breakfast, we'll give it to our superiors and that we'll deal with your account now, wait. Center for Regulation of Financial Relations CROFR, also did not help me and ignored all complaints and evidence.
Profit 0 and 2 lossless months, got into debt, still get out.
Munich, Germany (Really the offices of Finmax in the Ukraine),
Feb 16, 2017,
Registered user

I like the fact they always send the money if I ask them for withdrawal, that takes them about a day
Forex Peace Army
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