Updated: Dec 23, 2019
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

The website was first registered in February of 2017.  The website claims their team was formed in 2012.


AuctionsCM is a forex broker. Auctions CM offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. offers over 5 forex currency pairs, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

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2.454 · 43 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Gurgaon, India,
Aug 28, 2019,
Registered user

worst thing is they have stopped responding after getting our money,

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I did a huge investment there and now on one is responding. Moshin, Piyash, Sohail, Umesh all are absconded. Don't know how long they and their be loved can survive/get the peace with cheated money of hard earned middle class people.
Jun 3, 2019,
Registered user

This is very sad....after all those promises and waiting for 1.5 years, nothing has been done. telling me to invest more, you tell someone who has USD 10000 stuck in your company to invest more? Steve Fernandes aka Sohail is not responding to sms now.

Apr 9, 2019 - 2 Stars Current Account Number: 2100067177
Investment Amount 1: July 2017, $ 1000, Profit 4 Months $400
Investment Amount 2 : December 2017 $ 9,000, Profit for only 2 Months 2100
@Ganeshan Meenakshi so you were told that Steve Fernandez is not from India? But he is indian from his accent. What i wonder is they told u, that you will get 7% intrest, that is the same story i was told , either i withdraw my money or i continue with 7% intrest for 3 yrs,with no capital reimbursement. So i decided to withdraw since i needed the money urgently. from last year Steve told me to invest more money in company of my choise, they trade for me n divide profit 50/50, once company equity is released from Tradefxm i can decide to increase my new account or take my money back. Recently Mohsin tell me i invest more money in broker of my choice n they trade for me free of charge till they are able to repay back my money. What i do not understand is the different contradicting information they give.

My Big Question told your money stuck, n what stories do they tell u. For me at the beginning was RBI is monitoring there account and therefore they cannot withdraw n i have to wait till things have settled down. Now, Tradefxm doesnt want to give back there equity. Have you been told these story too or is it only me?

@ Mohsin Would you please come up and explain on the forum, what is wrong with Tradefxm? how far have you reached to get our money back? It will also be good to show us some evidence so that we stop thinking its some cooked up story. like i told you, if all goes well i will sure come back here and write positive review. But as of now, why we write negative review is because we are desparate to get our hard earned money back.


Current Account Number: 2100067177
Investment Amount 1: July 2017, $ 1000, Profit 4 Months $400
Investment Amount 2 : December 2017 $ 9,000, Profit for 2 Months 2100

im here to give my story with auctionscm. I started well with a lady called Shruti who later left the company. A man called Laraib tool over n lured to increase my equity, was skeptical n was warned from a former member who introduced me to the company, since he had issues with the company. But Laraib managed to talk to me that i increased my account to $10000. I only recieved profit for first 2 months n after that not any more till now. I was told that there is a scam problem in india n that the goverment is monitering bank accounts. I was sent an email with an option to withdraw my money, its not possible n had to wait till January 2019. Now we are in March 2019 but nothing has happened. I recieved email to email details of my account. My current manager, Sohil, told me at first that they have to wait till all members email there details. Recently he tell me that Tradefxm is holding back companied equity n they are doing something about it.

My worry is, most of the reviews i read is that, they convice one to send them money, one gets a profit for few months n after than not anymore. Since then what Sohil tell me is to open another account n deposit more money n get profit while waiting for the other money.

My question, has someone also had same experience n story like me? Is what they are telling me just fooling me, but making profit which my money. I had hopes to work long with the company but im loosing trust now. The thought that my hard earned money is gone pains me so much, more so if it was a loan. Anyone which advice on how i can get my money back?

I‘d advice anyone wanting to invest with auctionscm to think twice about the descision.
Sandesh R,
Bangalore, India,
May 24, 2019,

AuctionsCM broker company

No one answering call. Only email. Only 1 person answeing suppor call. What is the issue. I infomed last time that they are open a new office in UK all went uk or what. Bank transfer coming properly but no proper support
hyderabad, India,
May 22, 2019,
Registered user

worried customer

ac no.2100067926 Ganeshan
No one is responding and do not know what has happened to this company. Not even single person responding to either my mail or phone calls steve, Michel and faiyaz and Khan . No one is responding. Can forexpeacearmy do anything.

May 13, 2019 - 1 Star Today also i called auctionCM team and no one is responding. Same situation is existing . Michel or steve no one is repsonding. I sent a person to their Kandivali office but could not be traced. it seems it is half details given by steve. if any one knows this address, please verify. Office no.3, laxminagar building, Kandivali, mumbai. Request Moshin Khan to respond at least like he is responding. But my account is alive. I will write every week remarks from now on.

May 4, 2019 - 1 Star Today also I called. No response. Can anyone staying in Mumbai respond to me. I have their address. Can anyone visit their office.

Can this website members help us ?

May 2, 2019 - No Rating Last one week i am trying with Michel and he is not responding . I do not understand as to what is going on with this company. No one is properly responding.

Apr 12, 2019 - 3 Stars Whatever has been told to you, Same was told me. Now Mr. Michel told the same. they stuck up their money with tradefx and they are recovering it. they will get some amount, trade it again and return our money. Their biggest problem is communication. they do not communicate in time which is creating panic. As per the worried customer mentioned, Can anyone come and explain to what is really happening so that we will all be in peace and we are ready to wait for some more time to get the equity back.

Apr 3, 2019 - 3 StarsFurther to my comment on 30th March 19, I could contact Mr.Michel from CXfinancials advisory who responded well to my queries and also came to know that Steve fernadaz is not in India. I have been directing my team and arranged to send you my equity and I have sent it back to you today April 3rd for full withdrawal of equity. Expecting that equity will be returned within 90 days without fail.
Thanks to Michel who responds to my queries and will provide full star rating the moment i receive all the equity investment. Request CXfinancials team to improve communication to the client as we as clients become panic we do not get responded properly due to our personal investment.

Mar 30, 2019 - No RatingAccount no.2100067926,, Hyderabad. Ganeshan meenakshi sundaram.
Initially i invested 1000, later 5000 dollars and got return for 3 times and in oct 2018 i again invested 700 dollars (total 5700 dollars) as per advise from steve Fernandez who is my account manager. Steve Fernandez has promised to get back soon and they were working out. He said that he would be able to get the job done. it is almost 6 months but nothing is happening. I request steve fernandez who is senior member of this forex firm to return my entire investment immediately. Hope he or she will answer soon.

Sep 21, 2018 - 5 Stars Account No. 2100067926, Ganeshan.
My earlier issue raised on 7th Sep with auctionsCM Forex trader issue was considered and resolved. Mr.Steve fernandes is my account Manager now who resolved it quickly post raised issue and found genuine. He is taking care of my issues. Thanks auctionsCM.

Sep 7, 2018 - No Rating I started investment of 5000 dollars from march 18 and 3 months I received return regularly but now return is not given and faiyaz who is my account manager is not responding properly and does not provide the status. I want to close account and exit investment.
ac no.2100067926 Ganeshan
Forex Peace Army
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Shailesh Misra,
Lucknow, India,
May 9, 2019,

Trusting this Broker, 6 months

AuctionsCm please solve this issues. I am personally trading on your platform from last 6 months but seeing all this worries. Till now i have got good returns properly. Please solve this. Rquest we trust you
bangalore, India,
May 8, 2019,
Registered user

There was not a single rupee reimbursement after that instance of my money and u say in this forum that u reimbursed the money, and u say to still keep u people believe

Oct 29, 2018 - 1 Star HI this is Harish Kumar
account id ; 2100057921
from dated oct 2017 been invested around 10000$ got only return of just 4300$ and after wards no reply and no transactions been done and say this month next month and from feb 2018 not even one money was refunded back upto this day and no response from call, and been behind there leg to get my money back, hope my voice will be raised in this forum

Reply by mohsingta submitted Dec 27, 2018 Hello Harish Kumar,

I checked your trading account details. As per the statement which I am posting on the forum as well, you had invested $6000 USD and received profit withdrawal of $3050. At the same time, your trading account got wiped out and we reimbursed $5500 USD on your trading account. Thereafter, you received a withdrawal of $400 USD in the month of June 18 again.

Please confirm this via email on so that we can further discuss the preceedings from here after...


Mohsin Khan

Praful Patel,
Surat, India,
Apr 5, 2019,

All ok company

I have invested 50000 rupes and am trading with them from around 6 months. No porblme faced till now. Yes i agree for delays but on max delay of 2 weeks i get my return properlfy. My account id is 21000907992
Bangalore, India,
Mar 6, 2019,
Registered user



They are looting money from people. They say there issue with accounts and they are migrating to different providers. But still there are new accounts being opened and money is being looted.

PPL fall in trap due to greed. They will give couple of withdrawals and they will ask to invest more money. PPL trust and invest as they got withdrawals and after that your money is gone.

There is no one got more than 3 withdrawals. We can unite and take legal action against these fraudsters who are looting money form people.
Reply by mohsingta submitted Mar 13, 2019:
I haven't had chance of speaking with you people as I have been busy tackling issues with my liquidity provider. First of all, post your trading account ID on this forum to take this issue further.

Mohsin Khan
Mumbai, India,
Feb 26, 2019,
Registered user a big fraud. Don't invest

Mr Abhishek Dudhwadkar the salesman and mr Mohsin (his so called) senior are cheating people by giving wrong commitment. I invested Rs. 37,500/- ($500) with these fraudsters in November 2018. I received only 1 payment of 7% in December 2018. Thereafter no money received nor these #Cheaters are picking up phone. Disgusting. FraudCompany .
Balkrishna Trimbak mule,
Mumbai, India,
Feb 25, 2019,

Fraudulent company making false promises

Invested Rs. 74,000/- in August 2018. and 37,500/- in November 2018 with auctions capital. Trader guaranteed 7% monthly returns and 100% capital security I received 4 payouts in timely manner i.e September to December 2018. Now they are neither paying me anything nor receiving my phone calls. Mr. Abhishek has switched off his Mobile Phone and Mr. Mohsin khan's phone is ringing but he is not responding to calls or messeges. i recommend all of you to not to invest a single penny with these fraudsters.
Reply by mohsingta submitted Mar 13, 2019:
Hello Mr. Mule,

First of all, I would want to emphasize on this fact that the black sheep companies which tell you to trade yourself and loot you are justified. And I came to know why. Because clients like you and others don't take this as business but as interest money. I believe there have been times when your money was lost in a financial market and no one guaranteed you any return. I am proud to say that we are the only company that takes onus on ourselves, work day in and day out to generate revenue for dead money. And if it happens that you don't get your profit returns for a couple of months, you start blasting out your gall bladder against some one who is trying ti get things arranged. There are farmers who sow, harvest and reap and then it suddenly rains. The whole effort of the entire process goes in vain. But he restarts. Because he has patience and belief. However, the scam companies and banks that manipulate you and loot you are totally justified because of your greed and impatience. You can contact support, fill the reimbursement form and quit. We also don't need the kind if clients who do not understand the ups and downs of business.

And after copy pasting the above response, Mr Mule, I want to wish you happy loosing with impatient mental psychology.

Mohsin Khan