Help me! I've been scammed. What are the first steps?

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Help me! I've been scammed. What are the first steps?

Gather your evidence. Take screenshots of anything on the company’s website that is relevant to your case. Run a complete trading history report from your trading platform and save a copy. Collect copies of any relevant emails in one place.

Then do these 2 steps…

1. Leave a 1 Star review for the company here at the Forex Peace Army reviews.

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2. Open a Problem thread in the Financial Company Comparisons and Discussions folder (FCCD for short). Make sure to put the company’s name in the subject line as well as a few words about exactly what the problem is.

In the body of the post, please stick to facts. If your issue can be resolved, life will be easier if you don't start out as an insult contest. Even if it can't be resolved, insults and accusations might be considered defamatory. Simple facts are not easy to claim as defamatory.

Before posting screenshots, make a copy and remove any of your personally identifying information. Other scammers may use this to try to track you down and pretend to offer you a fast and easy way to recover your money. Those people don't want to help you. They want to steal more money from you.

Don’t abandon your FCCD Problem thread. Come back at least twice a week to check it for questions. If anything new happens, post updates.

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