Why isn’t my Forex Peace Army forums post visible?

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Why isn’t my Forex Peace Army forums post visible?

There are several reasons why this could happen…

1. Because of the amount of spam, the FPA uses Spam-O-Matic to look for possible spam. The settings are very tight.

This doesn’t mean your post is gone. It’s just delayed in the post moderation queue. The queue is usually checked around the Asian session open each trading day.

As your post count increases, the chances of these delays happening to you in most folders goes down.

2. Editing one of your existing posts could also trigger Spam-O-Matic. If it happens, be patient.

3. Some folders specifically do not allow new threads to be created by forums members. The ability to try to post a thread in those folders is left open to make it easier to catch spammers. All new threads in those folders are automatically placed in the forums moderation queue.

4. A few folders moderate all new posts. For example, Press Releases is set up this way to keep affiliates from trying to put their link into a company's thread.

5. Your post or new thread may have been moved to a new location. From your user profile, you can check on all of your approved threads and posts.

If your forums post disappears and doesn’t reappear within 3 business days, you can use the form below to ask.

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