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  1. AhmedFadl

    DISQUALIFIED (OP preferred to fight the FPA than focus on his issue) XM Global Stolen my profits 1560USD and closed my account!!!

    November 7, 2022 Note by AsstModerator. Earlier this year, I revised the FPA Traders Court rules. First, let me explain why the FPA has rules. If the FPA instantly declared scam every time there was a complaint, I'd just tell the Forums Team to instantly mark all complaints as confirmed...
  2. J

    ABANDONED - Is Forex Peace Army a Scam too?

    It appears that Forex Peace Army is a Scam too. I joined, verified my email addy, and made a post, and low-&-behold nothing shows up. Looks like anything with FOREX in its name is a SCAM!
  3. majid92

    UNSUPPORTED - Xm broker trying to cheat

    May 12, 2022: Majid92 has been dishonorably discharged and banned. He refused to answer questions in this thread and became uncivilized when his attempt to bully the FPA did not result in him getting to change the rules to suit him. Hello Everyone, Last Friday suddenly my trade closed and...
  4. G

    Octafx Stole my Profits

    From 02/25/2022 to 03/07/2022, I made a deposit of $2,400 using crypto usdt. I traded manually and didn't use EA for about two weeks and made a profit of $11,300. When I made a withdrawal request for all my profits, octa fx refused me, and returned only my initial deposit of $2,400. They stole...
  5. B

    How come my review didn't get put up? (Let me make up some wild conspiracy theories since I don't bother reading)

    I put up a review that was positive and it didn't get approved or put up. It's been over...I can't remember, it's been that long. Yes, I looked at the "dude where's my review" thread and I don't think it applies here. Again, it was positive and I think that my good experience so far should be...
  6. J

    OctaFX Is SCAM: The confirmation - that I'm too busy with crazy arguments to get helped.

    OctaFX is turning into a scam broker and here I will tell you my story and all lies OctaFX told me. A brokerage company which lies their clients must be immediatelly classified as a SCAM. So... On 12 January I noticed that I had commissions accumulated from a referred client to OctaFX above...
  7. tsathya

    FPA Member Goes Crazy - DISMISSED Case# 2018-111 | tsathya vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: This is thiagarajah sathienthira from chennai we had good experience in customer support by contacting ,quick response with IC market , but there leverage is not always working correct...
  8. A


    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for >> otherwise use this thread ("+ Reply to Thread" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members.
  9. U

    ForexPeaceArmy a scam itself?

    If Forex Peace Army not take any action regarding and theirs manipulated reviews, then I consider ForexPeaceArmy to be a scam itself! Honestforexsignals use their positive (and manipulated) reviews on Forex Peace Army to attract new customers. Like some kind of quality...
  10. D

    SLS Trades Scam

    I recently started a trading account via with Michael Dobson. At first we were unable to sign an account via Forex Boulevard so he used SLS Trades platform. In the first trade he lost $2k on crude oil, similar to the stories I have read on here through Forex Boulevard. I did a...
  11. vontogr

    ABANDONED - Scam

    Do not trust these morons! As long as I just make a profit with them everything was OK. I was even allowed to withdraw like $30 via Skrill. Today I made withdrawal $100 via Skrill and it was rejected for no reason, twice. I got reply I should use bank account for withdrawal, while I...
  12. TCentral

    It is time for FPA to state the truth regarding BOs

    It is time for FPA to state the truth regarding BOs at the first place: This is off market unregulated BS, based on regulation from all off shore Islands - Cyprus in the EU is the scary one MIFID - etc ... come on investment compensation fund and so on .....people do not get on the market, no...
  13. G

    Net central Investment Club Consortium

    NCICC "run" by Dr Michael Fleischer and Shaun Rosiere . afer 2 months of positive contact from either in months.... then a letter... "we moved to panama"... 2 other Old sites from these 2 bozos
  14. KingofkingsLordoflords

    Www = 666

    This article is written by the Divine Ruler His Majesty The King of kings and Lord of lords Cuong V Truong. Article title: WWW = 666 We all know by now that all financial markets have been captured and manipulated by the Devil worshipers cult. Besides the countless articles you've read online...
  15. T

    NO ISSUE - Fxprimus will be deregistered in NZ in 2 weeks

    Fxprimus are in the process of being deregistered by FMA in NZ in the next 2 weeks. So any claim on their website that they are regulated in NZ is fraudulent and misleading. Fxprimus are relocating from Mauritus to Cyprus. Fxprimus was investigated in NZ and you can guess the rest! Fxprimus is...
  16. J

    Unproven Allegation: HOTFOREX is a Market maker and Scam STP broker!

    Hi Friends , i will update this post as soon as the hotforex can proof they are real and true ECN/STP broker. today I chat and ask hotforex support that are they an STP broker or just a market maker who play like a Stp broker with special algorithm to show traders market execution...
  17. CEO Forex Maneuver

    Problem IRON FX Scam Broker Pending Withdrawals

    IRON FX is the scam broker, my withdrawals are pending for many days they are not processing my withdrawals and also not processing the withdrawals of so many other Forex Traders. They are also providing the "FAKE SWIFT" copies of Bank Wires I request all of the Forex Traders do not...
  18. E

    Conspiracy Theory - Hotforex Scammed me $14770.25 - Because I gave myself a margin call

    My hotforex account number 269022. I had 3 open trades before a day of all orders closed for Balance $ -21 084.45 Daily Confirmation: Floating P/L -22901.50, Balance $ 82322.52, Equity: $59421.02, Margin Requirement: $ 44770.25, Available Margin: $14650.77. My account was subject to...
  19. H

    Huahua290 claims FBS took 3800 USD from his credit card and refused to deposit into my trading accou

    FBS is the biggest scam broker I've ever met and heard of - it took 3800 USD from my credit card on 1st Aug 2014 and didn't even deposit it to my trading accounts! And it has been more than 3 months now!! When I asked them about this they just looked for all sorts of excuses and told numerous...