NO ISSUE - Fxprimus will be deregistered in NZ in 2 weeks


Fxprimus are in the process of being deregistered by FMA in NZ in the next 2 weeks. So any claim on their website that they are regulated in NZ is fraudulent and misleading. Fxprimus are relocating from Mauritus to Cyprus. Fxprimus was investigated in NZ and you can guess the rest! Fxprimus is also now being investigated by ASIC and FSC in Maritus. Watch this space! More to come!
Would love to know traders experience with Fxprimus Ltd or is it now by no choice of traders Fxprimus EU
what are they being investigated for ? whats the story?

They had no office in NZ as they specifically claimed on their website and that they were fully regulated in NZ claiming to be the safest place to trade. No contract including Fxprimus NZ contracts are enforceable in NZ. Their attempt to sell there business to Spinifex financial services fell through as they failed to disclose actions sort against them. you may contact FMA to support this statement. FOS australia are currently investigating Fxprimus and a claim has been lodged against the through their australian group license holder HLK.
hmmmm...i see....i thought they were a much bigger broker than to attempt such cheap tactics...
News Flash! HLK are now launching an internal investigation due to misrepresentation on Fxprimus Austrlalias Website. Watch this space!
They are being internally investigated by HLK for misrepresenting that they traded under HLKs Group License. They were deregistered in Malaysia. Complaints against them on public record and internet. Thats just the beginning.
If you haven't been scammed by Fxprimus's just a matter of time! They are a smoke mirror company with no respect for traders.