NO ISSUE - Fxprimus will be deregistered in NZ in 2 weeks

We are still trying to find a mutually acceptable solution. FXPrimus announced last friday that as of May 8 all Australian account holders will have the accounts invalidated. We are hoping for something positive from FXPrimus before Tuesday next. After that date we will advise our concluding course of action. Obviously we are ever hopeful of an equitable outcome , an outcome that is just and legally correct. In a nutshell, they are no longer registered in NZ. They no longer able to use HLKs AFS License. They are deregistered in Mauritius. They now operate solely as a license holder in Cyprus. As recently as two weeks ago they still advertised an office in Auckland. We visited their so called office which was a serviced unit, but no one knew of them and there was no evidence of occupancy. It was a worthwhile trip. Strategic Marketing and Spinifex were all in various ways involved. It was a convoluted trail, but we have it documented. All other so called offices around the world no longer appear on the FXPrimus web page. We have reported our concerns to Australian FOS. ASIC, NZ FSC and FMA, Mauritian FSC. Can't divulge the responses, suffice to say we are now preparing to go further. Admittedly at some cost, but 1/ we have the necessary funds and 2/ it's definitely worth doing. So, in conclusion, we still hope to resolve our problem expeditiously and agreeably, time will tell.
@ MikeH1,

Just dropping in for the sole purpose of ensuring that any inaccuracies you are spreading are cleared up, as I'm sure you wouldn't want to mislead the good viewers of this forum.

A) We sent out a notice last week that we would no longer be accepting clients from Australia, and any clients with open positions would need to liquidate as of close of business May 8th.

B) Regarding NZ, please refer to my previous message. You could have saved yourself the air fare of traveling to Auckland :)

C) We are not deregistered in Mauritius.

D) We are still registered as a Corporate Authorized Representative of HLK.