RESOLVED - FBS pure scam!

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If the client don't come back, FPS representative can post the Swift paper here covering personal declare itself innocent in this case.
If the client didn't receive the funds by this time, she would already written about this here and everywhere.
But sure, we would provide the confirmation if she don't want to confirm the fact of receiving the funds. I will request the documents at our Financial Depurtment and publish them as soon as possible.
As AsstModerator said, a broker being in Russia or anywhere in the world is irrelevant. I personally know a lot of Russian brokers who offer impeccable service. Other than the NFA, regulation just adds some badge to the broker that he is regulated and that's it. I've never seen a claim to regulators go anywhere. I'll be glad to be proven wrong. Even with the NFA, when a company goes bankrupt, the matter goes to the court and it goes pending. I've been receiving emails monthly from US department of justice regarding Craig Carlis case at BMFN. It's been a couple of years now.
Regarding this thread, unless the client states otherwise, I believe that the funds should have arrived by now, and this case appears to be solved.
It's very easy to tell if someone never worked in any sort of position supporting clients. Anyone who did would realize that some issues really do take a couple of days to fix.

AsstMod gave Wanrupeng a deadline. If there's no reply by then, this gets marked as resolved and we can chalk the whole thing up to a client who was too eager to scream SCAM! when a solution wasn't found instantly.
As the client made this situation public and haven't still confirmed that the issue is solved, we have to publish the payment confirmation in order to solve this.

I believe this case should be marked as resolved and moved to the resolved folder after AsstModerator approve on it.