affiliate issue

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    OctaFX Is SCAM: The confirmation - that I'm too busy with crazy arguments to get helped.

    OctaFX is turning into a scam broker and here I will tell you my story and all lies OctaFX told me. A brokerage company which lies their clients must be immediatelly classified as a SCAM. So... On 12 January I noticed that I had commissions accumulated from a referred client to OctaFX above...
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    ThinkMarkets Partners (ex ThinkForex) it's a big scam

    Hello army! In 2016 I worked as a partner for Think Forex (now Think Markets) bringing customers to their platform, my affiliate manager at the time was Romain Biasini, after about a month, after accumulating several commissions it was time to pay the commission payment the affiliate manager has...
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    Beware from ThinkMarkets him does not respond give me my IB commission

    Caution from a company they do not want to give me an IB commission where I want to leave the field of forex but they tell me you must bring clients so that we can allow you to take the commission as it is from private accounts and the company allowed me to benefit from the commission of my...