affiliate issue

  1. G


    Hi dear I am facing a bad problem. 3 days ago I requested withdrawal of profit in my partner account. But he deleted my partner's profit. But he said he would try to solve the problem. (deleted 2 day trading lot profit only) But I can't confirm 100% whether he will solve this problem or not. (He...
  2. Aliasghar pormoharam

    Problem hotforex issues with spreads, prices, and commissions

    Dear Hotforex:I'm sending you this email to complain about exposing your business to Iran and against Iran imposed sanctions, that resulted your weird behaviors. The misconducting that caused me heavy losses.The parts that you are held liable for my losses are :1 - By suddenly increasing the...
  3. Chulho Lee

    Problem OctaFX disregarding customer rights

    OctaFX disregarding customer rights I was suddenly blocked today from OctaFX, which I've been using for months. I introduced OctaFX to my friends and was getting some commission from the trade. Other than that, there were no special deals. But today they blocked me without telling me why...
  4. R

    Resolved: Be careful with CDG Global I'm into a trap. 45.000usd loss from them and refusal to withdraw.

    Hello, I'm an IB and trader who uses cdg global. This will be a long story about the explanation. Initially, I decided to try them after receiving information about their cysec regulations and good trading environments. I thought they were brokers with know-how and skills, and I asked to BDM...
  5. AKDubey

    Axi is SCAM, it denied me payment withdrawal of $3000.

    I joined Axi as an affiliate. My manager Qasem ever since beginning assured me that I will get my commissions. However, all my commissions generated between August 2021 and February 2022 has been denied. My 6 out of total 7 clients are qualified , however, the company denied me commissions...
  6. gab-manca

    Complaint by a Multi - etoro SCAM platform

    Im experienced investor (over 15 years) and worked in finance in big tech companies. The stress and torture that etoro can impose on their clients made me write this review. The only good thing on etoro is the easy to use platform, only when it comes to trading. The settings are very unclear and...
  7. Scam Reporters

    Problem Investor warning -the BITCOIN UP affiliate marketing scam

    There are indeed hundreds of different websites offering all sorts of investment scams. Chasing each one of them is useless. It is much better to identify the structure behind such websites. Although it's often hard. The so-called Affiliates are people and companies that engage in promotion of a...
  8. olomos55

    Complaint by a Multi - failure to pay etoro commissions

    Hello everyone! I have asked etoro to pay the commissions for a missing payment for 2015 and I am awaiting their reply
  9. H


    I have gone through one of the most hard time from last 4 months, I was working as company's partner to earn from commission, i signed up at their site almost 1 year back when their manage Alberto found my number through signup, he called me asked me if I want to work with him I accepted as he...
  10. W


    FXPRIMUS DANGEROUS AND NOT SECURE Robb My Money from Escrow and Lies to Regulation Vanuatu and Cysec and all people with who Im connect about fake data and never can show true data from older ticket, COUNTRY MANAGER MALAYSIA staff Merrylin and mr Nima from Management is scammer!
  11. yassershivani

    Problem Pepperstone holding all my funds and restricting account with open trades and saying to repay overpaid rebates worth around 70,000 USD

    Dear All I am writing to you to address an URGENT issue. I thought I should bring to your attention for Pepperstone to look into before the case is taken to the regulators by my lawyers. I had been doing business with Pepperstone since 2016 and an activated partner since 2017. Generally my...
  12. S

    Justforex usurp 900,000$ from Vietnamese Clients

    An urgent plea from the future of the Forex industry in Vietnam and how Justforex usurped $ 900,000 A year ago, I opened a personal trading account at Justforex to learn about Justforex's mechanism and features. It was pretty reassuring about them (of course, knowing through advertisements, not...
  13. J

    OctaFX Is SCAM: The confirmation - that I'm too busy with crazy arguments to get helped.

    OctaFX is turning into a scam broker and here I will tell you my story and all lies OctaFX told me. A brokerage company which lies their clients must be immediatelly classified as a SCAM. So... On 12 January I noticed that I had commissions accumulated from a referred client to OctaFX above...
  14. tradeexpress

    Problem Exness rejecting Withdrawal if you don't trade sufficient volume

    I'm an IB of Exness since many years but now going to stop working with them as the terms of Withdrawal changed. It's very unfortunate to release these kind of impractical rules. Now clients cannot withdraw fund with freedom like before. Please beware of this condition before depositing any...
  15. B


    Please never you recommend/refer anybody to IQ OPTION. I started CPA with them, I met the said requirements including sub-affiliate, to my utmost surprise, I logged in this morning to see my cpa dashboard, I found out that my account have been blocked. Their excuse is that they dictated...
  16. Azalea

    ICMarkets not allowing IB commission

    I am an IB of icmarkets and have 3 clients, I had one very active client and so far have generated 400 for me, the thing is, when I contacted icmarkets on withdrawal of commission, they said I need to have min 5 clients for me to withdraw. Is there such a rule in icmarkets? I was very shocked...
  17. V

    Problem Complaint involving Multis - ThinkMarkets Partners (ex ThinkForex) it's a big scam

    Hello army! In 2016 I worked as a partner for Think Forex (now Think Markets) bringing customers to their platform, my affiliate manager at the time was Romain Biasini, after about a month, after accumulating several commissions it was time to pay the commission payment the affiliate manager has...
  18. D

    Beware from ThinkMarkets him does not respond give me my IB commission

    Caution from a company they do not want to give me an IB commission where I want to leave the field of forex but they tell me you must bring clients so that we can allow you to take the commission as it is from private accounts and the company allowed me to benefit from the commission of my...
  19. T

    ABANDONED COMPLAINT - scam dont pay affiliates - Nikolay Sunak head of IB sector in Alpari BEWARE!

    im introducing broker and the dont pay the comission the rule is 3 clients and all 3 must trade 1 lot i fulfilled it in july and in august they said for cancelation of payment Monitoring of results has shown the ip interception between yours and your clients accounts. As per IB...