1. P

    Victims of Banc de Binary

    See decision 14 of August
  2. P

    Banc de Binary again? ?

    I got a very strange call from Cyprus. Two men claiming they are lawyers working for for Cysec. They wanted to ask many questions but couldnt name the law firm they are working for. Their number is +35799226877 I tried to call back but my number is ignored. I am sure this has something to do...
  3. M

    Cheated by Banc de binary

    On 14/02/2016 at about local time 11pm, I saw an advertisement somewhereonline which state " MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT " working from home and pop up came up prompting me to register and I did. On 15/02/2016 at about local time 2pm kelvin Dunn ( account manager),Hp +442070992097 from Banc De Binary...
  4. Stenneman

    Banc de Binary again

    Hi, I'm Gerard from the Netherlands and I've been scammed out of my money by Banc the Binary. At first I thought it was OK because they said they where EU regulated. So I set up an account, deposited 250 euro and did a few small trades, some lose some won. Then I got a phonecall from a guy...
  5. E

    I've been cheated by Banc de binary

    Hya Well I opened a bronze account with 250 pounds. As soon as the money was transferred Martin Grey accounts manager called me and said congratulations but I would not afterall get any help or signals from them unless I upgraded. That was basically my only option. I didn't upgrade as I wasn't...
  6. P

    Banc de Binary scammed by them

    First I have been operating off of someone else’s thread for some time so thank you Anne. I started this thread in order to put my compliant down for FPA about Banc de Binary. This is my story so fare. Like so many other on this site I have come to believe that I have been scammed by Banc de...
  7. D

    Banc De Binary Scam

    Hello Just thought others may have had a similar experience? Here is what happened below; I recently started up an account with Banc De Binary and was contacted by an account manager by the name of Liam Fischer. He stated to me that if I put $2500 in my account I would get professional...
  8. I

    Bank De Binary scammed me for $105K

    Hello everyone, the status is so bad...I've been scammed by the BDB as well. big amount 105K US$ this is the story as sent to their complaints department. Details: 1- Talked first time to a lady called R. and convinced me to open an account for 250$ and if I top it to 1000$ she will add...
  9. S

    Banc De Binary on repeat

    I would like to share my horror story with BDB, which is basically word for word and approx. the same time as AnneW's story Banc De Binary Mega Scam Thread. I too have fallen victim to the BDB scam of Edward West to the tune of 90kusd. I am in Australia. I am currently filing complaints with...
  10. B

    Banc De Binary Scammers

    Hello fellow traders. I wish to inform you all of the bad dealings i have had with Banc De Binary After an initial deposit of $250, and a few very good trades, I was tempted into depositing a large amount of money with this company The more I deposited, the more enticements they offerred. When I...
  11. J


    Hi, From the start. 21.03.2016 i invested USD250 into BDB (I made 3 trades myself of USD5 each which i won 2 and lost 1). The guy named Bryan Biggs asked me to invest 500 so that i can get a bonus of 500 and i didnt because i knew the bonus scheme. 22.03.2015 Micheal Price an account manager...
  12. MunaL

    Adam Smith of Banc de Binary lost $25,000 for me

    It is such scary experience that USD25,000 is lost in the hands of Adam Smith of Banc De Binary. Anyone has successfully gotten back their money?
  13. L

    Account wiped by BdB in a day

    Binary Options under Banc De Binary This is my story; I was new to binary option and have just registered with Banc De Binary depositing 250 USD. I started trading and i won 2300 USD. I made a withdrawal of 2000 usd but only 250 USD was approved. I traded again and my balance went up to 3400...
  14. S

    I was scammed by Banc de Binary for $15,000aud.

    27 April 2015. The first broker from Banc de Binary who convinced me to deposit much more than I wanted was Larry F Morgan, Head Manager at Banc de Binary. He gave me an iron clad guarantee that I could make a huge windfall on Apple shares with a $100,000 premium trade (two month expiry) if I...
  15. K

    Banc de Binary continues to cheat people

    I have tried to solve my complaint in a good manner with them, but they continue to show me rudeness, put all the blame on me and delay further actions from my end. They (Evelina S and Tracey L) have even threatened me with legal actions if i go with my complaint public. I cannot believe I...
  16. K

    Banc de Binary... again

    I just sent an email which I will copy here and I told him a representative should come to this board and address my complaints. Let's see what happens. The email goes as follows: "I am extremely upset with your company. On January 4th I requested a withdrawal for the total amount left in my...
  17. M

    ripped off by banc de binary

    i have been ripped off in a scam by a company called banc de binary i have asked them for a refund and they won't give me a refund please can you the FPA take them to court and prosecute them and ban them please tell me can you get me a refund they have taken a payment for £4,788pounds and...
  18. JOSEPH G

    BANC DE BINARY : Biggest scamming company regulated by CYSEC

    Banc de Binary (My worst nightmare) Banc de Binary is a CYSEC regulated company which has fancy office addresses in trump tower (NYC), Kings street (London) so on and so forth. Don't get fool by those fancy addresses as they are nothing more than just a virtual office located in those nice...
  19. P

    we need to kick BANCBDEBINARY out!!!

    Please all of you who had a problems and misery with this scammers, post your message here, with details. I am going to start a petition to kick out of the UK. It needs to be true as I will get involved my MP and other VIP good friend. After my manager took money out of my card without my...
  20. M

    Banc de Binary

    Dear Friends I would like to inform you that there is a method to get back your money with banc de binary 1- inform your credit card that you did not receive the services that you were told you will get A) like teaching you how to trade ( which I am sure non of you received any lessons )...