Dishonorable Discharge: Tsathya

Wow! Unbelievable. You were more than patient putting up with this nonsense. That character should be banned for life. To claim to have a PhD with such awful use of grammar and spelling is comical.
I as well could not stop reading this post. You are way too patient but then if you were not it would have just generated more from this guy. I have been a member now I believe for a little over a year and I appreciate the FPA so much. I also have an active complaint registered, under my real name and it has proven some result already, however not the full result. I am very confident of getting the rest of my money owed to me however in the next month. This particular broker is counting on the amount still owed is so small (over $1,000 CAD) that I will let it go. Not in this lifetime. There are so many scammers and charlatans in this industry it is unbelievable. Thank God for people like you and the FPA. You are a rare commodity ... a lifeline in an ocean of thieves. Please do not stop, you are sorely needed. The detail the FPA goes into, the education, the care taken with each complaint speaks volumes and you are a real threat in the industry to those who try to cheat people. Thank you.
I agree with you this guy should be on the wanted list for trying to commit extortion which is clearly seen here, with those kind of threat no further evidence needed, anyway with such attitude he should be getting a law enforcement visit any time soon because he only going to get worse, stupidity seems to be his best advisor.
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It's sad that in running a brokerage I have seen these type of compliants far too often. At best the only fault is allowing someone to trade with too little expereince and yet they will come up with anything they can to get back loses or worse extort compensation. What kills me the most is as you found it takes up so much time that could be much better spent helping people in genuine need.
I am in awe of your compassion and tolerance for such a rambling idiot. I would have banned him and kicked him out much sooner. I agree with previous comments in that It has given me a good laugh this morning and I had to just read to the end. Well done guys - right decision
What the Kentucky, LMAO, oh my, how in this universe can anyone give this guy even a grammar pass in grade one, let alone a supposed MS.c, God help me, this is what the world has come to, I think its time to set off for Mars.

I can only imagine the rampages you guys had behind the screens, I know I would have but would have worked in some brutal, yet sincere sarcasm in between lol.

This is what it comes down to of what I like to say, Nobody is stupid, but most humans just prefer not to use their brain.

Was worth the read though haha.
Tsaytha decided he had to try to have the last word. He emailed the FPA to make a range of accusations and threats. The message included this little item...

"we dont care to keep in touch with you ,i am bloking you man,who are u block me"

So since the FPA blocked him, he had to use another email address to announce that he'd blocked the FPA. I guess if I decide to send him his $100,000 or $1,000,000 in compensation, I have no way to let him know. :D
He decided to politely ask for reinstatement on March 28, 2019...

Dear fpa members ,
i have been banded
how to become a member as early ,
i was a member of fpa around 4 years
fpa helped me lots and get back my money even
best reagrds with Sathya .T

plz re consider my kind request

The Forums Team replied...

Why would you want to rejoin an organization you claim violated your human rights and failed to grovel before your claimed mathematical skills?

You owe a human rights organization an apology and compensation for the time you wasted. You owe AsstModerator and the FPA Forums Team a lengthy abject apology for your abusive behavior as well as compensation for the time you wasted. You owe Pharaoh an abject apology for attacking him when he tried to help you.

His response...

yes i understod my fault sorry .
thanks your all helps still i remember .if fpa not here i could not get back my early money .
now no case .just to learn forex from fpa vedios and other way as well as keep in touch with fpa
once again thanks ur all helps and asking sorry for my activites that hurt fpa members and modirators
best regards with


Because of his history, Tsathya's ban was permanent. The Forums Team advised him...

There is no way for the FPA to know you won't go crazy again in the future if you can't understand simple trading calculations. The FPA does not have the time to help you deal with trading issues and psychiatric issues.

We recommend you send a large donation to the human rights organization you abused as an apology for the time you stole from their very important work. We also recommend you seek out a mental health professional and show that person your scoundrels thread.

You worked very hard to earn a permanent ban and scoundrel status. The FPA is not going to deal with you anymore.

He decided that lack of sleep was a great excuse for things like mailbombing and making legal threats against the FPA. He also still wanted the FPA to change Traders Court rules to accommodate him. Since he wasn't getting what he wanted, he threatened to waste the time of more human rights organizations.

thanks human rights is very good with me
i told u that i was work more than 14 days with out sleep so thats the reson that i was in agany u not understand that so i behave bit routly
but main things is gold oil belongs to trading only we canot find another traders court for gold and oil
i never said i hold phd .i said that i am working on phd if u cannot understand simple english i cannot do anything
very very importnat thing is ic marcet accpect that yes its our fault whats ur duty is you have to give justice
but what u did you asked more and more evedence from me even i sent gold trading mistakes even they accpect yes we did mistake
if u aging give any explanations
i know how to handle you
your side ok but i agree i behave roughly why more rhan 1000% wrong in ur side is after ic market said yes gold trade we have wrong we ready to pay
so again i hope to go human rights and other organations this isssues
get ready to face it
thanks and sorry

you to find a good doctor brothers

The final response in this round was from the forums team...

90% of the office betting pool was guessing you would have to send at least 1 more email before showing your insanity again.

Please check into the nearest mental health facility and try to tell a psychiatrist why you are crazy enough to believe that an independent forum trying to teach you basic trading math and not covering issues with gold trades somehow violates your human rights.

We see keeping you permabanned was the correct decision. We see we need to edit the filters so we won't see any more of your ramblings. Otherwise, several users here may have to seek compensation for you violating their basic human right to only deal with rational people.
On June 25, 2019, Tsaytha tried to create a new forums account. The system caught it and it was banned immediately.

Since this failed, Tsaytha decided to test the FPA's memory by asking to get back in...

i want to re join withu ,is it possible to help ,unable to login

I told the forums team to be blunt. They were...

Banned means banned.

Your actions permanently disqualify you from participating in the FPA's forums and reviews. Go away. Stay away.