Dishonorable Discharge: Tsathya


Wow! Unbelievable. You were more than patient putting up with this nonsense. That character should be banned for life. To claim to have a PhD with such awful use of grammar and spelling is comical.


I as well could not stop reading this post. You are way too patient but then if you were not it would have just generated more from this guy. I have been a member now I believe for a little over a year and I appreciate the FPA so much. I also have an active complaint registered, under my real name and it has proven some result already, however not the full result. I am very confident of getting the rest of my money owed to me however in the next month. This particular broker is counting on the amount still owed is so small (over $1,000 CAD) that I will let it go. Not in this lifetime. There are so many scammers and charlatans in this industry it is unbelievable. Thank God for people like you and the FPA. You are a rare commodity ... a lifeline in an ocean of thieves. Please do not stop, you are sorely needed. The detail the FPA goes into, the education, the care taken with each complaint speaks volumes and you are a real threat in the industry to those who try to cheat people. Thank you.


I agree with you this guy should be on the wanted list for trying to commit extortion which is clearly seen here, with those kind of threat no further evidence needed, anyway with such attitude he should be getting a law enforcement visit any time soon because he only going to get worse, stupidity seems to be his best advisor.
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It's sad that in running a brokerage I have seen these type of compliants far too often. At best the only fault is allowing someone to trade with too little expereince and yet they will come up with anything they can to get back loses or worse extort compensation. What kills me the most is as you found it takes up so much time that could be much better spent helping people in genuine need.


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I am in awe of your compassion and tolerance for such a rambling idiot. I would have banned him and kicked him out much sooner. I agree with previous comments in that It has given me a good laugh this morning and I had to just read to the end. Well done guys - right decision
What the Kentucky, LMAO, oh my, how in this universe can anyone give this guy even a grammar pass in grade one, let alone a supposed MS.c, God help me, this is what the world has come to, I think its time to set off for Mars.

I can only imagine the rampages you guys had behind the screens, I know I would have but would have worked in some brutal, yet sincere sarcasm in between lol.

This is what it comes down to of what I like to say, Nobody is stupid, but most humans just prefer not to use their brain.

Was worth the read though haha.


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Tsaytha decided he had to try to have the last word. He emailed the FPA to make a range of accusations and threats. The message included this little item...

"we dont care to keep in touch with you ,i am bloking you man,who are u block me"

So since the FPA blocked him, he had to use another email address to announce that he'd blocked the FPA. I guess if I decide to send him his $100,000 or $1,000,000 in compensation, I have no way to let him know. :D