DISQUALIFIED (OP preferred to fight the FPA than focus on his issue) XM Global Stolen my profits 1560USD and closed my account!!!

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i don't know why FPA admin tags my thread as a "conspiracy theories"!!

anyway i'm posting here as a first step to allow XM clear themselves and discuss the case here by their representative with me and with FPA admin and members who trust in them.

and there's something else i need to mention...after i made this thread there was a thread for another trader who have the same issue with XM and i answered this guy in his thread but in next day i didn't got this thread everywhere on FPA. even on Solved or non solved threads or closed cases it's removed as it didn't exist!!

i will not guess what happend exactly and why this thread completely removed from FPA after 1 day of my thread with same issue and XM stolen from that guy higher amount than me.

but i just focus on my case and as i said before this is my first step for open a discussion
with XM but my next step will be out of any discussions.
Cheers ;)
Ok this is my last replay here after recording everything against XM and mentioned what happend here on FPA on my video content..,and i'm sure this happend after after getting touch between FPA and XM
There was a thread with the same issue exactly XM stolen his profit and the name of this thread was (xm deleted my profit)
and in the same alert scam section i opened my thread so it's so hard against XM to share 2 scam stories.
and as i mentioned before XM is the biggest promoter here on FPA
in the same day FPA accepted my thread and tags it as a just only conspiracy theory and show me here as the only one who made a story about getting robbed by biggest scam broker on the planet.
in the same day FPA compeletly deleted the another thread as it never exist....!!!!!
and i'm sure now if someone new shared same story with XM here then FPA will delete my thread to just keep 1 thread against XM.
i think FPA admin need to tell us how and why he deleted this thread (xm deleted my profit)?!!
i got 2 screens from my browser history to prove that FPA admin deleted this thread for no reason.
and i'm sure there's many mambers here shown this thread and some of them posted in it before.

and my message to XM
i swear god ... i will work very hard to share this story to every forex trader on the earth.
i will let everyone trade with them or just think about trading with them to stay away from those robbers.

and i wondered before why some posts here need approval.
but now i know why.


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Your deposits were refunded after how long coz I am going through the same hell had made 3000$ profit but for now all I want is my deposits
Your deposits were refunded after how long coz I am going through the same hell had made 3000$ profit but for now all I want is my deposits
i got the intinal deposit in the same day after they robbed my profits
Coz they suspended my account on Friday and I am yet to receive deposits live chat have advised that online banking takes 5 days
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