Out of business
Updated: Jul 12, 2024
TradeWFX is a forex broker. Trade WFX offers the mobile forex trading platform. offers over 5 forex currency pairs, indices, shares, commodities, cfds, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.
Scam Confirmation

October 2017:  Based on obviously false claims of UK regulation as well as an FPA Traders Court guilty vote, the FPA now considers TradeWFX to be a scam.

The FPA warns traders to not place any money with TradeWFX.

If WFX wants this scam finding lifted, they will need to resolve the Traders Court case and will also need to get UK regulation.

Scam Confirmation
October 2017:  An FPA member presented evidence in the forums showing that TradeWFX's website was falsely claiming to be under UK regulation.  CLICK HERE and go to post #27 to view it.

The FPA warns against doing business with any company which provides false information about regulation.
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

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Kabilash veylum
Chennai, India,
Jul 26, 2018,

Tradewfx review is a total fraud company from srilanka columbo.this company is run by group of young people who is targeting in India and many other countries .their associates are in Chennai India. Plz don't invest a single penny .If u have any doubts u can contact me 9337389129.already a crime branch investigation is going and they will be caught soon.the main kingpin is from srilanka.
Chennai, India,
Nov 12, 2017,

Lost +800$

As being a student it difficult to invest +250$ And my Friends invest around 500$
We are students its such a difficulty to payback our Loans(Investment)
These Inhuman are Frauds
I would like my comment to be a Awareness for innocents who try investing for some good reason But it needs up here
And i guess these people are from India Tamil Nadu, Karaikal.
Beware of Online frauds..
And they callled up and Asked to invest other 6000INR
They say the refund would be processed in 90 days A month left I dont think they will return the investment...
Oct 15, 2017,
Registered user

Trade is a fake company and the people who represent are also Cheats.

Issue escalated to Traders Court murty43 vs | GUILTY
This trading company is full of cheats and gives all possible wrong and fudged information to lure you. They also say that they are professional traders with decade long experience and also gives a false guarantee letter to gain their confidence. In fact every one is a great cheat and always find ways and means to make you deposit more and more money. What ever records this company's representatives named Mr. Rickinston Mark (Accounts Manager), Mr. John HR head, Derric Bryan the professional trader, Allan Peater also another Accounts Head have provided to me about the company's registration documents are fudged documents. Their guarantee letters for your deposit to be returned in the even of loss are also fake. I shall be much obliged if readers who read my review can get the information about them to me. Together we should fight to eliminate these cheats as to day I got cheated to the tune of $8000 and tomorrow it may be some one else. These crooks have called me a couple of days back requesting me to deposit further $2500 so as to enable them to process my deposit of % 8000. Please keep distant from these crooks