GUILTY Case# 2017-089 | murty43 vs

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This case is typical of so many other fraudulent Binary Option scamming outfits (of which there are hundreds) with hundreds of thousands of victims world-wide. They are displaying the standard behaviour of promising the earth, then stealing your money then not communicating and then also asking for more money. These bandits are GUILTY.
In your description of events you state that made many promises to you when you opened and funded your account with them. These promises have obviously not been kept by them and should therefore be ample grounds for you to make a chargeback on your credit card via your Bank. This is the first thing to do as soon as possible requesting reimbursement due to 'Services and goods not received' (ie. the promises they made were not kept). The money you sent directly from your bank account is now probably lost as there is no way to recover it other than to take the matter to court, which is expensive. So search the internet for others who have been scammed by and maybe join forces to take out a joint action against these scammers which will share the costs between you all. I wish you good luck and hope you are at least successful with the chargeback.
This is what I have found about them: was created on 15 May 2017. It is located in Australia. Its primary IP address is
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Trade Forex - Welcome to Our Company Website
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I dug a little deeper into the website. It was originally registered from Sri Lanka.


The also falsely claim to be regulated with the UK FSA.


There's a reason I know this is false. The FSA shut down in 2013 and was replaced by the UK FCA. You can verify this by visiting

Another reason I know it's false is that they didn't bother to list any registration numbers. Any company really regulated by the UK FCA would do that.

Based on this obvious fraudulent regulation claim as well as the mistreatment of Murty43, I not only vote GUILTY. I vote that the FPA consider waiving the usual requirement of 3 Guilty cases before declaring TradeWFX to be a scam.
This is a scam for sure and a fraudulent company, on their website they give the address as " #34 Duke Street, Mayfair. London SE1 9TA.‎" I have lived in London and I am pretty sure this is part of the Selfridges shopping center on Oxford street and on Duke Street, all the even numbers are part of Selfridges and the uneven numbers are on the opposite side of Duke street. I sincerely doubt that they have rented a room over head or the shopping center. Here is a link to google map!8m2!3d51.5145353!4d-0.151503?hl=en